Barry M Crackle Effect vs Croc Effect!

I've seen a few people wondering what the difference is between Croc Effect Barry M and Crackle Effect Barry M, so i decided to do a post about it!
 As you can see this is just like it's shattered all over the nail, it leaves big gaps and takes only a few seconds to appear on the nail too, best to apply this quite thickly so that a nice shiny black crackle appears :)

 Whereas the Croc Effect is more uniform cracks, plus thinner cracks appear. I'm not too sure if i think this looks like crocodile effect though! Takes upto two minutes to appear and is best when applied in a veeery thin layer.

Let me know what you think about these two, would you buy both or are you particularly drawn to just the one?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great to see a post on this! Not seen them in any stores near me yet. They do look different, thought they would look the same :-)

  2. i much prefer the croc effect! looks great :)

  3. Oh wow! Think i prefure the crock effect! Didn't even know this existed, thankyou :).

  4. I love both of these! Think I would choose the croc effect as much as I love the crackle one though, another great post!

    Katrina xxx

  5. I have to agree with the girls ^^^ I prefer the Croc effect. But to be honest I hadn't even noticed there is 2 options lol!!



  6. Im not sure if i like the effects, i think they look good on other people but when i wear them i feel like it looks like im wearing chipped nail polish! haha, think i prefer the new croc one!

  7. I have the crack effect nail polish and wasn't even aware there's a croc effect one, deffo gonna have to try it I love the look it creates! :)
    Take care <3 Holz oxo

  8. Oooh, had never heard of the croc effect polish, looks amazing will deffo be buying and trying this! xoxo

  9. I thibk I prefer the croc effect! More classic, and I'm all about the classic beauty :) x

    PS Got directed here by Fiona loves... !

  10. @Tee Dee yeah they deffo do look different, i didn't think they would either! They're both in Superdrug now i believe, saw them in mine the other day :)

    @Heather it does look good, more polished and grown up than crackle!

    @X-makeup-meow-X you're welcome :D Let me know if you buy it!

    @Vivakatrina yeah i like them both but the croc has just a little something extra, harder to apply tho! thanks :)

    @emma haha yeah they haven't marketed croc effect very well!! no-one seems to know about it haha

    @Zoe i know what you mean, they can sometimes look sloppy! I think the croc, less so.

    @Holziepink you'll have to be patient with it but it deffo is worth the wait :)

    @Krystyna it is a lot more classic! :)

  11. Has anyone seen the croc effect for sale anywhere yet? I work in a big Boots and we don't seem to have it...

  12. I got mine from Amazon, but i've seen it in the Superdrug near me, not the Boots though!

  13. Your nails look fab! Nothing like a good bit of crackle effect :) Xx

  14. haha same here! Especially over glitter :)


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