Best dressed of the EMA's 2011!

Thought i'd do a quick post on who stood out for me at the MTV Europe Music Awards this year :)

Selena Gomez.
 Whit-Wooo! She looks like the sassiest bride an aisle has ever seen!
It's actually better from the back than from the front, from the front it could make you look a bit too frou-frou with all the tulle, but because she's so tiny she carries it off! LOVE it.

Katy Perry.
 On aaaaanyone else i would hate this outfit, but the mighty Katy Perry does it again! Those shoes are epic, they're amazing! 
The dress is a bit meh, the colours don't really pop, but that jacket is incredible, and the hair really makes the outfit, she suits pink hair too much, almost makes me want it!

Irina Shayk.
What can you really say about this woman except BOOM-CHICKA-WAWA. Ronaldo is a lucky man! 
A dress incorporating leather, bodycon and a practically waist high slit down the side is definitely something only a supermodel can wear, but doesn't she wear it well? 

Let's hear it for the boys! Or boy, Bruno Mars.
Very few men could get away with a bubblegum pink blazer, but when you rock it with a sky high quiff, Wayfarers and a grin that would melt hearts it's easy-peasy!
I love his 50's style so much, his appearance on the UK X Factor was amazing, his dancing and his style made my jaw slack in awe! Also it takes a real style icon to stand in a crowd of people wearing the same thing as you, yet still stand out.

Hope you enjoyed this! Not many people set my world alight to be honest, but thought these few people were definitely worth a mention :)
Who was your best dressed from the EMA's?

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  1. great post!! I love how like..mature Selena Gomez is now..makes me feel old (at 20 haha) but I kinda hate Katy Perrys outfit and it pain me to say that!!


  2. I agree.. the back of her dress looks better than the front :)

  3. I loved Katy Perry's look!
    I would be so happy to have that jacket! lol

    lots of love,

  4. I agree with you they all look very nicely dresses That Selena girl love her dress!
    New follower!


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