Blanx Advanced Whitening toothpaste review!

Today is a review of a product sent to me by Dental Shop
 It's a non-abrasive whitening toothpaste that uses natural ingredients instead of all the nasty chemicals in some  whitening toothpastes! 
I've always been a little bit worried about the harsh chemicals that whitening toothpastes must use to lighten your teeth, so i've been interested in buying Blanx toothpaste for a while, but as it costs £7.85 in Boots i've always been a bit hesitant just in case it was a waste of money! So when i got sent this i was a very happy bunny!!
And i'm happy to report it definitely isn't a waste of money! 
Even after i used it the first time it made my teeth look noticeably cleaner and brighter, and the taste is lovely and minty, although it tastes different to other toothpastes as it is made with natural ingredients, it still leaves a fresh after taste in your mouth. 
You get a generous amouth of toothpaste (100ml) in this nifty plastic tube! Much cleaner and easy to use than the normal tubes which get all clogged up with gunk! haha.
I've used this for a good while now and i'm pleased to report that my teeth are definitely whiter than they used to be, i would recommend it to anyone that wants a whiter and brighter smile :)
I'm very interested in purchasing the Blanx Stain Removal toothpaste next, it looks very intriguing!!
This toothpaste is a steal at £5.99 from Dental Shop! They sell the whole range at their online store :)
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Nice review! The packaging is awesome!

  2. This sounds really good, im always worried about whitening toothpaste being too strong and abrasive so im definitely going to try this out!

  3. @DaphYin it's sleek isn't it :)

    @Zoe you won't be disappointed :)

  4. Owww love the design of the tube :) really want to try this Xx

  5. You should’ve shared some before and after photos… Well, just by reading your posts, I can tell that your teeth are in good condition, and you’re lovin’ the progress. Do you still use it? The package is pretty unique, btw. They were pretty clever to use that design.
    -Bianca Jackson

    1. I tried to take before and after photos but my camera isn't very good at reflecting the true colour of things, flash makes it too bright and no flash makes it too dark! haha i do yes! My teeth do look noticeably whiter i think :)

  6. Nice! It’s great to hear that you’ve found the toothpaste that you really like. I’m happy with the product that I’m using as well. I tried a lot of brands before I ended up with my current one. I think, it’s just really finding the best for you. You have to try several products first before you come up with the one that suits you. :))

    Landon Heath

  7. Thanks for sharing this article about Blanx Advanced whitening toothpaste. I will try to use this product. I am using Tom’s of Maine Simply White natural toothpaste right now. It's a great product. You can also try to use this product.


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