China Glaze Twinkle Lights dupe!

Now, i know that these two don't look very alike on here, but the flash of the camera is making the Barry M nail varnish look much purpley-er than it actually is!
In person these two look almost identical! I couldn't believe it when i saw them together, although China Glaze has more goldy glitter, and the Barry M does have more of a purple sheen, it's hardly noticeable when it's on your nails! 
Anyway, let's get down to business!
I bought the China Glaze nail varnish from eBay, the seller i bought it off has currently sold out, but you can buy it from this UK seller for under £10! Plus they're selling the whole China Glaze holiday collection from them too, which is a plus! 
Here's some piccies of the polish;
 As you can see it's a gorgeous, super christmassy, blend of gold, silver, green and red glitter! This reminds me of the tinsel we put around the tree at Christmas :) It took about 4 coats to reach this opacity, but it probably only needs about 3, i just tend to go wild with glitter nail polishes and want to make them as glittery as i possibly can!! haha. 

And now for Barry M in Silver Cascade!
I got this from Amazon from this seller, for only £3.95! So substantially cheaper than the China Glaze.
STOP! Picture time;
 This is a beautiful mix of red, green, silver and lilac glitter, amazing! The only thing it's missing is the gold of the China Glaze nail varnish, but it's still a great dupe and well worth getting if you can't bring yourself to pay almost £10 for a nail varnish (unlike me, who bought both, doh! haha)
Let me know which you prefer! :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really love the look of those and i think i actually prefer the barry m one! definitely going to look out for it.

  2. I think I like the Barry M better too- who says price = quality?! x

  3. So pretty Barry M nail polishes are amazing

  4. I think the Barry M one is so much nicer than China Glaze, haha... my favourite glitter polish at the moment is Warm & Fozzie by OPI :) xo

  5. @Zoe i know it's gorgeous isn't it! A steal at the price :)

    @Yasmin this is very true, same application, if anything the Barry M applies better than China Glaze! It's just about the brand name isn't it!

    @Beauty Fiend definitely! For the price, they're incredible.

    @CelesteCohen i REALLY want that Warm & Fozzie polish! :D it is gorgeous isn't it!

  6. Gorgeous glitter nail polishes! SO PRETTY


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