Feel like i haven't done a post in aaaages, but in reality it's probably been a few days haha.
I went out last night for some cocktails and what was supposed to be a quiet drink with my friend Frances, which ended up with us getting home at 4am, oops!! 
Here's what i looked like before far too much alcohol and dancing :)

I'm wearing my new double lashes from Eylure, i love them!! I was pretty undecided about them in the packet  but gollyyyyy! They're amazing, they're so full and dramatic, i'm definitely going to be buying them again :) They'll be featured in an upcoming haul i'll be posting so keep an eye out for that.
Also the lipstick i'm wearing here will be in that haul too, this is from Bourjois, so i won't tell you about that here either.
I'm wearing Maybelline's The Eraser foundation in Sun Beige, which is an amazing foundation! Really airbrushes your skin! I apply it with the sponge on the end and then rub it in with my usual make-up sponges to make sure it looks even.
I'm wearing the Sleek Nude palette on my eyes, Conker on the lid and the waterline and Taupe in the tear duct corner.
The eyeliner i'm wearing is Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, love this! It's so easy to apply and leaves a very true black line.
St Moriz light bronzer on my cheeks lastly, which is suuuper good! You can get it from Savers and Semichem i think, it's just such a gorgeous shimmery bronzer, great for nights out!

Don't mind the colour difference between my arms and my legs, the flash must have caught my legs more and washed them out haha i look like a patchwork quilt i'm so many different colours!! 
My blazer is an old faithful, it's from H&M in the sale and it is such a good buy because i wear it all the time, even in the winter with a chunky scarf!
The dress was a gift from my best friend, she knows me too well! I love it and it's really figure flattering, i think it's from Quiz but i can't be 100% sure because as i said, it was a gift :)
My old battered chelsea boots! I'm seriously going to have to get some more of these haha they're wrecked but i can't stop wearing them, love them to bits! Again, a H&M sale steal! You can't really see my bag but it's a blue, mid-sized beaded bag from Primark :)
Hope you enjoyed this, next post will be a haul! Might be up tonight, depending on how good the telly is (or isn't, which is more likely)

Also i just joined a site called Fantasy Shopper, where you basically get given fantasy money and you can go on shopping sprees and make outfits out of the clothes you buy, a great game to pass the time when you're bored, give it a go! Here's my profile link :)


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  1. Wow your make up looks lovely and I loove the outfit :))

  2. Im a new follower!!
    Love those eyelashes..WOW
    Very nice put together outfit.

  3. @Faye's Fix aww thank you!!

    @Chantelle Thomas Thank you so much :)

    @Zoe thanks, it took me long enough!! haha

    @Hunter i also love them, they're so amazing!! Thank you bab :)

  4. this is stunning!! I love the make-up, outfit and the hair! flawless!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  5. you look really pretty
    love your outfit and makeup Xx


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