MUA Heaven & Earth palette - My views!

Now i was very much on the fence about the Heaven & Earth palette, just because i bought the Nude palette from Sleek and thought it would be much the same as that, but i gave in when i was browsing the Superdrug website and noticed it was in stock for once, plus free shipping, so i knew i had to buckle!! 
It's actually really beautiful, no matte colours which is where it differs from the Sleek palette, but some really gorgeous, deep shimmers and lighter colours for highlight.
 It's like precious metal! Here's some swatches for y'all!
 Top row, from left to right (i really wish the shades had names!)
 Bottom row, left to right.
My favourite shades have to be the last colour on the bottom row and the 4th along on the top row.
Here's a look that i did with them when i went out on Friday night :)
 They're really easy to work with and although the pigment isn't as good as the Sleek Nude palette they're still amazing for a £4 palette! 
I also have a couple other MUA items to tell you about, but i'll do a post on them later because for now I'm A Celeb is on, and i can't miss it!!
Laters :D

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  1. love the fake eyelashes!

    check out my blog!


  2. Would love to try it. Theres no superdrug around here though :( x

  3. I love this especially for only £4 its awesome! But I just wish it had a couple of matte colours!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. I love this palette, it is probably my fave one I own, although I do enjoy a matt shade but the pigment in this is fab.. it's been compared lots to the infamous urban decay naked palette too! xx

  5. Nice palette!
    MUA has nice pigmentation for just a few pounds =)
    I have some single eyeshadows and other stuff from them too!

    Come check out my blog! There is a giveaway =)

  6. I really want to try this palette those colours look amazing and I love how they shimmer!
    Look very pretty on you Xx

  7. @V I did, it's wonderful :D

    @Chantelle you should go on the Superdrug website! It's free delivery!! :D

    @LoveFayexoxo yessss it would be a lot better with a couple of mattes, but for £4 i can't complain much haha would probably recommend the Sleek Nude palette more though

    @Jess yeah and seen as i'm NEVER going to buy the Naked palette as it's too expensive this is good enough for me :D haha

    @Livia It definitely does, the single matte eyeshadows are really good which is why it's such a shame they didn't include any in this palette!

    @Claire Louise the shimmer is perfect for nights out! Thank you :)

  8. That's a great palette - really practical everyday colours. Love the shimmer in them as well!


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