MUA mini-haul.

I'm back to show you the rest of the stuff i bought from MUA when i bought the Heaven & Earth palette!
Did everyone enjoy I'm A Celeb?? Dougie is the one to win for me, such a sweetheart! And as usual Ant and Dec are stealing the show, and my heart (here's looking at you Dec) ;).
Onto the mini haul! There's only two things but definitely worth mentioning!
I first heard about this from the wonderful Becca's channel, Voussontbeauetbelle, on Youtube, she loves a good felt tip eyeliner and she recommended this one, and it's true what she said about it being a true black, it's one of the blackest eyeliners i've seen! I tried using it over eyeshadow and it didn't work nearly as well, but on a bare eyelid it's very easy to use and you can get a lovely straight line and precise flick at the outside corner :) 
This was only £2 which is a great price i think!

This looks really impressive and i love the design, some bits are sparkly and some bits are matte, but when i swirled my brush in it it just went very powdery and had a lot of excess left over that i had to tip into the bin, which is quite disappointing! It gave an ok colour  but nothing amazing, i've still stuck to my St Moriz light bronzer, i need some more of this because i loveee it!
Here's some swatches of the two above purchasesss :)

If you have any suggestions of good bronzers for me then please leave a comment, i'm always looking for new buys to try :) if i buy it i'll give you a shout out too :)

Also a good heads up for you heree, if you love beauty products (and if you don't, then why are you here?! haha) then you should get yourself onto ASOS sale, they have some OPI from £5.50 and Models Own nail varnishes from £3.50, plus lots more! So take a look, the link is here :)

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. these products look amazing for such a cheap price!! love it!!

    I use the Superdrug own "Solait face and body bronzer" its huge and only costs £4 something, its great colour too!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. This looks brilliant, loving the bronzer, i'm a big fan of MUA <3

  3. owww love the look of the bronzer Xx
    Great haul! Xx

  4. @LoveFayexoxo oh yess!! i've heard about that one, i'm going to have to try it out because my best friend uses it and she always looks bronzed!! haha.

    @Sammycx yeah i'm a big fan of most of it too, the bronzer was a little bit disappointing but you can't have it all!! haha

    @Claire Louise I didn't really like it to be honest!! Too powdery!

    @Zoe it's really good, you should :)


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