My new hair colour!

Some of you might remember that a couple of months ago i stripped my hair with a Colour B4 kit, and said i didn't know what to do with it, well i've finally decided! 
My friend had lightened her hair with the B Blonde Highlighting kit and i loved the way it looked so much i decided to do it myself!
It's pretty damaging to your hair so make sure you condition your hair and wrap it in a towel overnight then wash the conditioner out in the morning, because this will protect your hair from too much damage.
I got the highlighting kit but it doesn't matter which you get out of this and the B Blonde Hair Lightener because i checked the box and they have the same stuff in them! Plus they're the same price so i just got the highlighting kit.
I followed the instructions, which were really simple, and then spread it over my hair, which was harder than a normal hair dye because it's so much thicker! 
I had enough mixture to cover my hair but my hair is quite fine and only just past shoulder length so if you have long or thick hair then i'd recommend buying two boxes!
Prepare yourself, afterwards my hair looked like THIS
 It was dry as a BONE, and ice blonde at the top and bright orange on the mid-lengths to ends! haha but luckily i knew this would happen and this was just a way to lighten my hair so that a light dye would take on it :) so bear this in mind if using this kit! It was mottled, almost tiger print in some places haha pretty funky really! 
So i dried it, which took forever because i had to ease my brush through it because it was so dry, must buy a Tangle Teezer!!
Then i used a Nice N Easy Lasting Colour dye (which is kinder to your hair because it has no ammonia and no peroxide in it and is only semi-permanent) in Medium Ash Blonde.
I only left it on 10 minutes MAX because your hair will be so dry and porous that the dye will take in no time and you risk it going super dark if you leave it on too long! 
And after i'd washed it all out and used the conditioner in with the hair dye (which must be a miracle worker because my hair was really soft after i used it!!) i was left with this;
 I really like it!! It's quite a bit blonder now that i've washed it a few times and the dyes faded but i love it! It has the effect of being highlighted too and is a warm colour i can be tanned or pale with it :) I'm obsessed!! 
I don't think i did a bad job considering it was all for under a tenner and i did it myself! haha.
I'm still conditioning my hair overnight once a week to regain all of the condition, but it isn't particularly dryer since i dyed it :) 
What do you think of my new hair? :)
I'll try and get a picture to you of how much blonder it is now soon :)
Thanks for reading (and looking at the pictures!)

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  1. Love the colour! Well done for getting it like that :).

  2. This is a gorgeous honey colour! :D

  3. I love the colour of your hair, really like the combinations of different shades xx

  4. @x-makeup-meow-x Thank you!! haha i'm glad it wasn't disastrous!

    @DaphYin thank youuu! That's exactly what i was going for haha

    @ATTITUDEINABUNDANCE thank you! haha it's just the makeup i wear for work :)

    @MannequinsDream thank you!!

    @Vivian thankss!! I was quite lucky with it haha


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