OPI Muppets nail varnish - Rainbow Connection!

I wasn't going to do a post today but i canNOT sleep to save my life (that doesn't make sense but it's currently almost 4am so cut me some slack haha) so i thought i'd do a post about something colourful and sparkly, a good plan no?!
Now, no-one is more excited for the Muppets movie than i am, Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my faaavourite Christmas films ever, amazing, so when OPI announced they were bringing out a collection to celebrate the movie i made this noise - ''SQUEE!!'' - no jokes.
The range is amazing, so many cute colours, i literally wanted every single one of them!
Anyway, like the cool dude that i am, i wanted a Muppets OPI nail varnish for when i go to see the film at the cinema, so much more discrete than wearing a Muppets t-shirt don't you think ;) 
The one nail varnish from this collection that continued to catch my eye everytime i looked at swatches was Rainbow Connection.
It's the most unusual polish, my swatches aren't very good because it's so glittery but my fave nail varnish blog Scrangie has some amazing pictures of the whole collection, here's the link, so if you're undecided which shade to get then have a look on there, it'll definitely help you make up your mind! It did for me anyway :)
Anyway! Enough of my incessant rambling, time for my low class swatches;
 It is pretty sheer so this is 3 coats above, and you have to move around the glitter a bit as you apply it to make sure you're getting coverage over the whole nail, but wowzer i love it!! It's amazing, almost 3D effect, i'm obsessed.
I haven't tried it over any colours yet but if you have any suggestion as to what nail varnish you think it will look good over then please comment below and tell me and i'll do a NOTD if i like it :D The chances are i've got a nail varnish in the colour you'll suggest as well haha that's how many i've got!!.
I got this varnish from eBay (naturally) and it was around £8 including P+P which i think is amazing for a collection that's only just come out! I got it from America, but the shipping was so quick! I paid for it on the 25th of October and it was here by the 4th of November which i think is so good for international shipping!
Here's a link to the nail varnish and the seller is so good, i would recommend them, as they have lots of polishes i haven't seen before and really really want! They're smithrdblue1.
Sorry this post was so long haha as i explained at the start, i'm bored and untired! But i'm starting to feel a bit drowsy, YAY.
As i said before, i would love it if you could suggest any colours you think this would look good over, as a topcoat, because i don't know where to start at the minute with picking colours to go under it so any help would be greatly appreciated! 
Thanks! :)

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  1. This is definitely my favorite from the whole collection! LOVE!

  2. I am a HUGE OPI fan and this collection is beautiful, I have heard so many good things about it. I do a little beauty swapping with a friend in America so this will be on my wishlist!




  3. That's gorgeous - I know what I'm asking for - for christmas! :)

    www.charchiccc.blogspot.com x

  4. It's amazing isn't it! I am going to try it out over black and a bright pink :)

  5. So pretty and perfect for Christmas! I can image it looking really nice over a plain white or black polish!


  6. So festive!! I want it :)
    Check out my blog, hope you follow back :)

  7. @GABY Mine too!! I love Designer, De Better and Warm & Fozzie too though :)

    @Emma definitely worth getting it from America, SO much cheaper than buying it over here!

    @Charchiccc this would be amazing to open on Christmas day! :D

    @Emma I think i might try black too :) also might try a few colours that are in the glitter, like purple.

    @Zoe white would look pretty cool!

    @chic, moda, glam it is definitely festive! over a green or red even more so :D

  8. was thinking of buying some opi nail varnishs, from seeing your post i may have to buy this one :) great post


  9. wow I love hoe glittery it is :)
    would awesome for Christmas Xx


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