Primark, Boots & Superdrug haul!

I've done this haul already in a video, apart from a couple of extra things i bought yesterday (oops!), so here's the video;
And here's some pics of the products in it!

Miss Sporty Nail Varnishes - £1.99 - Superdrug.
 It's so glittery the pictures blurred!! haha but i really think it shows off all the different coloured glitter in the polish :)

Loreal Elvive Triple Resist shampoo and leave in conditioner - £3.79 - Superdrug.

Nail varnish remover - £1.09 - Superdrug.

Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum - £4.29 - Superdrug.
I got my first Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac from Emma's blog sale over at Em's Mixed Bag and i LOVE it (review to follow) so i thought i'd buy another one! This is just a gorgeous balm that gives your lips just a hint of colour :)

17 Metallic Eyes in Wild Green - £3.99 - Boots.

17 BB Cream in Light - £5.99 - Boots.
 I liked the coverage this gave, even on its own, but under foundation it gives complete coverage, it's like blemishes don't exist!!

17 Supreme Shine lipstick in Barely Blush - £4.99 - Boots.
 I'm also wearing this on my lips in the picture above, a lovely mid-pink :)

Lipcote - £2.35, down from £3.35 with a voucher from the Advantage card machine :) - Boots.
I'm really excited to use this! Been meaning to buy it for ages, if it works it will be a godsend!

4 in 1 facial wipes (pack of 2) - £1 - Primark

That's all for this haul, hope you enjoy the video and the pictures :D
Thanks for reading (& watching!)

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  1. cheap and cheerful nail polish remover- i use this it's well good :) x

  2. Love those polishes!.

  3. I am so glad you liked your Pout Polish! I use those primark wipes too :D

    I am going to buy some Lipcote too I have heard such great things about it!!



  4. Never used primark wipes before, never noticed them actually! great price though!

  5. The BB cream looks really quite good!!

  6. I really want the No7 bb cream :) Xx


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