Superdrug, Boots, Accessorize & Primark haul!

I haven't done a haul in foreverrrr, or at least it feels like it! 
I've been trying to be better with my spending lately hence the lack of them :)
But these items are from a few different shopping trips i've had lately.
We'll start off with Boots!
This is all i got from Boots, I really needed some new false eyelashes for my night out, and my favourite ones had previously been the Intense ones, until they changed them and gave them too many gaps! But i decided to try the new Intense ones anyway and also some of these new Double lashes, which i was unsure about but they're actually amazing!! So gorgeous and full, i'm wearing them on this FOTN/OOTN post but here's another pic of them on;
They don't look natural but they're certainly amazing! haha.
The Double lashes are £7.10 and the Intense ones are £5.25, but Boots have a buy one get one half price deal on at the moment which is definitely worth checking out!
Now onto Superdrug;
My favourite tanned foundation now! The Eraser by Maybelline! It has a sponge on the end and when you twist it some of the foundation comes out on the sponge, i usually use that to spread it all over my face and then a normal foundation sponge to even it out properly, it gives such good coverage and a great colour! This was £9.99.
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Pink In The Afternoon!
i can't find a link to this on the Superdrug website but it was £7.49 and it's such a gorgeous mid pink colour, sorry about the blurry picture but it was the best i could do, this lipstick was a bummer to photograph!!
Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel lipstick in Rose Tendre 06.
Couldn't find a link for it once again, but it was about £7.99, i'm wearing this in the FOTN/OOTN post that i mentioned above as well, it's a lovely, wearable pink, great for when you're wearing a smokey eye and just need something simple on your lips.
Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours nail varnish in Pop Fiction!
I haven't tried a Miss Sporty nail varnish in literally years but my friend bought one of them and i was amazed at how well they applied, one coat and it's completely opaque! 
This is such a lovely colour, perfect for making a statement of your nails, these are £1.99.
Miss Sporty Lasting Colour nail varnish in Khaki Force.
Such a pretty and unusual colour, the shine on these nail varnishes is unbelievable! 
Miss Sporty Lasting Colour nail varnish in Black Berry.
I love this one, it's really in-keeping with the trend for maroons and burgundy's at the moment!
I'd highly recommend these nail varnishes, especially as there's the famous 3 for 2 on at Superdrug :D
I was really excited to try this Collection 2000 Colour Match foundation, but oooh, what a disappointment :( It was far too watery, patchy coverage and didn't match my skintone at all, maybe this was because i purposefully got it in a darker shade than me so i would look more tanned thus entirely missing the point of the foundation haha but i wouldn't get this again and i'm not entirely sure if i'd use this again :( Here's a picture of my face when i'm wearing the foundation;
I just don't like the finish at all! This was about £5.99.
I love this packaging! The diamond on the end and the little butterfly, so cute.
This is a nice glossy lipstick, and gives a more red than pink colour to the lips, but it feels a bit slippy if you know what i mean! it slips off the lips quite easily, meaning i have to reapply it constantly! I'm wearing this in the above picture also.
This was £5.00.
This is really gorgeous, as you can see it has flecks of gold, silver and blue in it, i wore it over a frosty white colour varnish and it looked stunning! Like a snowflake effect :)
Unfortunately the bottle is cracked at the neck so this nail varnish won't close properly, which means it'll probably go gloopy really quickly :( boohoooo! This was £4.00.
Now onto Accessorize!
This has the WOW factor!! It's almost snakeskin-ey looking when it's applied in 3 coats, a really interesting finish, the colour is stunning too, i love these Accessorize Illusion nail varnishes, a great formula plus really one-off colours.
I got this from a Accessorize store but you can also get them at Superdrug, this one's in the shade Molten Copper and is £4.
I really love this colour! It's a grey at first glance but it is a duochrome with bluey/silvery flecks, seriously pretty! Plus the name reminded me of The Saturday's song Notorious, which i love ;) haha.
This was £4 too, although my boyfriend bought this one :)
Now onto Primark finally!
Check out these fleecy bad boys!!
I have some similar fleecy pj bottoms in a kind of fairisle print, but i just needed these lovely charcoal ones with white hearts! So cute and cosy, a really nice fit too, i could seriously live in them (and i practically do!), as soon as i walk through the door i make a beeline for them and put them on, addictively cosy! haha.
These were a fiver from good old Primi :)
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. That's such a great haul! :) These lashes rock!!

  2. I love this haul!! those eyelashes are unreal!! look amazing! <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Wow hun, amazing haul!!
    I'll deffo need to get myself some new nail polish now! I love the miss sporty ones, theyre so good for the price, and they don't take an age to dry!!
    I love the white/clear glittery one, I'm gonna have to go buy this now!! :D


  4. i love the lashes and the blue miss sporty nail varnish!

  5. I really want to try those double lashes!
    I also have the blue and purple miss sporty polishes and I love them!

  6. I have never tried Miss Sporty, not sure why just have never heard anything about the brand but I really like these colours, I will have to test these out next time I go shopping!!



  7. ohh ive got some eylure lashes to try out soon. they look so good.

  8. Great haul, I love haul posts! I was thinking of trying that colour match foundation but I think i'll keep looking before I decide to part with my money! xx

  9. Great purchases! lovely nail varnishes! x

  10. Great Haul!!!!
    Like all the nail polish colors.

  11. I love that bright blue polish :)

  12. great haul! loving the eyelashes and the PJs! x

  13. @DaphYin Thanks!! I know, they're amazing, love lashes :D

    @LoveFayexoxo Thank you babbb :)

    @x_jen_x Thank youuu :) I know, they're so unexpectedly good! I'm definitely going to be purchasing more :) You really should get the glittery one, it's a beautiful topcoat, looks like ice on your nail!

    @Nicola really eyecatching isn't it! Think i'm going to wear it on Friday when i paint the town red ;) haha

    @x-Makeup-Meow-X Gorgeous, rich colours aren't they :) Double lashes are gorgeous!

    @Emma definitely, can't go wrong for £1.99 each too!

    @Zoe they're the best, the glue is so much better than others, doesn't rip out your eyelashes haha

    @Sarah most definitely! I tried it on my hand but it's just not the same when you put it on your face, disappointing :( I love hauls too!

    @meg patrick thank you! :D

    @Hunter87 gorgeous aren't they :)

    @Yolandaas perfect with a tan :)

    @Beauty Balm the pjs are my fave part!! haha wearing them right now!

  14. Great haul :)
    Those false lashes look really funky but I'm not a big fan of ones that look really fake.
    Love the colour of the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick!


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