Topshop Wishlist - Pt 1!

I've been browsing for the past half an hour and have come to the conclusion that the good people at Topshop are on FIRE!
There's so many things that i was lusting over that i just had to do a wishlist for you all, so you can join me in my lusting :)
I'm starting with shoes, i had to split them up otherwise this would be the longest post in the history of posts!

Check out these bad boys!! If you're bored of the bog standard brogues that have flooded the market lately then these will come as a welcome change!
They look really well made, like they'd last forever, plus they're easy to wear with anything due to the fact they're black, but then they'd have to be good value for money for £90!! haha.

The heel on these ones really interest me! Without it they'd just be any other brown shoe boot, much like the previous brogues, but because of the ''banana'' heels they're so quirky!! 

These look so good for Winter! They're probably extremely impractical due to the light colour but in my mind they're still good for Winter because they're boots haha.
The different colours and different textures are really interesting, i love them! And for £65 they're pretty mid-priced.

I think these are shockingly good quality for £36!! 
The colour is very on trend and i love the black accents on them too! You can get some similar ones in Primark for about £10 which are great for someone who's on a very tight budget :)

SUPER CUTE, those are the only words for these slippers! they remind me so much of the Marc Jacobs cat pumps;
Except the Topshop ones are only slippers so you can't wear them out and about :( booo, but i shouldn't think it will be long before these much loved cat flats are copied by some high street store :) The slippers are still gorgeous, the perfect treat for your tootsies on these cold nights!

Out of all the slippers that i've seen these are definitely my favourite! They look like a ponyskin texture with this funky dalmatian print, plus they look pretty sturdy at the soles! 

The colour is SO beautiful, that's the main reason these are on my wishlist! 
Love the shape of the shoes too, a classic but with a twist, which seems to be the theme for this post!!

Thanks for reading, look out for part 2 of this wishlist :)

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  1. kitten slippers! so cute!! I want! and oh my those purple shoes are...stunners!! I need them for New Years Eve!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Oh no! I want everything here haha. Those brouges are amazing. So expensive though x

  3. I love the Chelsea boots and the cat slippers

  4. Wow!! The black studded shoes are simply fantastic!!!

  5. @LoveFayexoxo eeee i know, they're super cute aren't they!! And I KNOW, perfect party shoes!!

    @Chantelle Thomas i know :( I'm afraid those brogues will just have to stay on my wishlist, i doubt i'll ever be able to purchase them! haha

    @Cherry they're probably my favourites too :)

    @Livia they really are aren't they!!


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