Topshop Wishlist - Pt 2!

Now for the clothes & makeup part of my wishlist, wishing is about all i can do at the moment seen as all of my money is spoken for! haha.

This is such a gorgeous shade! i've never seen a colour like this before, a rust colour, very on trend! You've probably seen this nail varnish a million times before but i just HAD to put it in :)

This is such a gorgeous pink, would really bring any makeup look to life!

Spikey Embellished Playsuit.
You run the risk of putting your eye out with this playsuit but HELL, it'd be worth it!
This is something worthy of being worn by the likes of Rihanna, absolutely amazing! An amazing price at £200 too, but a girl can dream!

Peterpan Collar Dress.
Peterpan collars are everywhere but the leatherette finish of this one really spices up the look! Plus i'm a sucker for this burgundy colour, you could wear this dress 100 different ways!

Nikki Blouse.
The colour of this shirt is just diiiiivine!! The draping would be super figure-flattering too, hide those problem tums, of which i'm a sufferer!! Plus the beaded collar adds a bit of glamour making it dressy enough for night when teamed with something like a pair of black leather shorts :)

Knitted Sequin Star Jumper.
This is Christmas in a jumper!! I love the star print, which is very big right now, and the lovely cream and gold colour combo is gorgeous.
This would be perfect to wear on Christmas day :)

Hope you enjoyed this and i haven't made you drool all over your keyboard until it short circuits!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. i love the colour of the lipstick :) xxx

  2. That star jumper is amazing!! I love the colour of the lipstick too x

  3. I love leather Peter Pan collars, Urban Outfitters has a sheer white shirt with leather collar and cuffs - WOW! I'm in love! The nail polish colour looks beautiful too :)

  4. Hello! I have given you an award over on my blog :)

    Love the colour of the nail varnish and that play suit looks amazing

  5. Eeep that playsuit! If only we all had a spare 200 laying around haha..

  6. I've been wanting brighton rocks for ages and never got around to buying it :( x

  7. i love the jumper.shirt with the gold stars, its super cute and would look so cute with some black leggins! I really like your blog, and I am a new follower!!!

  8. These are all gorgeous picks, particularly loving the nail varnish [what a gorgeous colour!] & the star jumper :) x


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