Clothes Show Live! *Picture heavy!*

As i mentioned in a previous post, i went to Birmingham Clothes Show Live last weekend! 
Thought i'd share a few pictures of what i got, and a couple of others too :) 
The goody bags are definitely the greatest bargains we picked up there! We were going wild for them, snapping up any we could!! haha here's some pictures of what we got in them!
Models Own - £10 - This is just the stuff i kept, some of the stuff wasn't very ''me'' so i either put it in for peoples Christmas presents or put them away to sell at a future boot sale!! 

Barry M goody bag, also £10!

Lee Stafford goody bag  - £10!

Elle and Cosmo/Company goody bags, £3!

And here's some other odds and sods i got while shopping around Birmingham :)
 If you'd like to see anything reviewed then just let me know and i'll do that as soon as possible :)
Here's some random pictures now! 

FACEMASK! Love it, we reminded ourselves of Violet Beuregarde from Willy Wonka ''Violet, you're turning violet Violet!!''Also i might be a bit squiffy, this is two bottles of wine later, oops!

Glittery nails!!

Obligatory hotel bathroom shot!

Making our hotel room a mess!

 Other highlights included ridiculously vain male models, chocolate fudge cake, gorgeous George Lamb and somehow being charmed into buying a photoshoot for me and my friend in London (those salesmen are so tricksy!! It's like magic haha)
Hope you liked all the pictures haha just had a backlog of them and thought i would shove them all in one random post :D
Thanks for reading/looking!

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  1. i never saw the lee stafford one, im so gutted, i ended up spending £12 on stuff that was in there anyway!

  2. This is the one year i didnt go to the clothes show and im gutted after seeing this post! the lee staffordgoody bag looks amazing.

    Tanesha x

  3. aww this looks amazing! Will definitely have to get my act together and go next year! xxx

  4. I wish i had of gone to this, very tempted to go next year!

  5. :o wow so jelous :)
    I'm going next year Xx

  6. ooo this looks so cool, pretty please review the lee stafford stuff as I love him, but the products can be pricey if it turns out they don't work too well! xxx

  7. @PrettyinPink They only gave out the goody bags when the pink light flashed! haha me and my friend were waiting ages for it to flash, poised like jackals!! haha

    @TaneshaMarie Definitely my favourite goody bag :D

    @Hannah you should deffo go! If you love beauty stuff you'll LOVE it haha

    @Zoe you deffo should! The show was great as well as the stalls :)

    @Claire Louise you'll love it!

    @Megs i deffo will :D thanks for the suggestion! Iknow what you mean, that's why i was so chuffed for this £10 goody bag, seen as some of the products are £10 each!!


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