ColourWorks eye palette review!

I've heard a lot about the Immaculate palette from MUA but i thought £8 was a bit much for a palette of MUA eyeshadows, i love the Heaven and Earth palette but i find the more brightly coloured MUA eyeshadows to be not very pigmented and not very long-lasting! 
So when i got sent this Immaculate palette lookalike by the lovely Claire Louise over at XxDollyBlossom i was very eager to try it and compare the quality!
And i must say, i'm very impressed! It includes some easy to wear light and dark browns, highlight shades, smokey eye colours and colour pop shades! 
I haven't heard much about this palette before and i don't know why! Probably because it's one of those gifts you can buy from Superdrug at Christmas that people always assume will be bad quality, but i personally love them! I've got some of my favourite lipglosses, lipsticks and nail varnishes from those cheap Superdrug gift sets, never judge a book by it's cover!
Here's some pictures so you can see how B-E-A-uuuutiful (Bruce Almighty fans will get that) it is!
 Look how shimmeryyyyy <3
There are no matte shades, but in the festive period who needs matte shades?! 
And now it's swatching time!
Top row from left to right;
 No flash.

Middle row from left to right;
No flash.

Bottom row from left to right;
 No Flash

My favourite colours are the gold and silver at the end of the top row, the goldy/pink colour fourth along on the middle row and the midnight blue second along the bottom row :) 
This palette is a steal at only £6.99 for 18 colours! 
You can buy it here, from Superdrug :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. glad you like the palette huni
    those colours do look amazing :) Xx

  2. Wow those colours look great! I have never thought of buying from them!



  3. wow! colors look good!!!

  4. the colours are great but how long lasting are they? are the pigments good on the eyes? :) xxxx

  5. @Claire Louise it's gorgeous!! Keep on wearing it :)

    @Emma you really should, pretty cheap for what it is and great pigment :)

    @Jess it's gorgeous :)

    @Heather the pigment is great! They've lasted through a arduous Christmas shopping trip and a messy works night out!! haha


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