Latest nail varnish purchases!

Yessss, i've got more nail varnishes to add to my already over 100 strong collection! (whoops).
But if they keep making new colours and effects, then i'm going to keep buying them!! haha.

Ok first up! 
One of the all new Look magazine makeup range! This GORGEOUS glitter in Bling.
It was sold out at the Superdrug i was in but i managed to nab one that was in a display! haha, so glad i got my hands on it because it's so beautiful! Reminds me of Pink Fizz from Models Own except this has small circular bits of glitter in and also larger hexagonal glitter in it too (which you can see in the top picture) , giving it an almost 3D effect! I'm so impressed with the application and the packaging too.
The only thing is this chipped pretty quickly on my thumbnail but i don't know whether that was because i applied it over old nail varnish without taking it off first, so don't judge it on that just yet :) I'm DEFFO going to be grabbing some more of the Look range! It's my favourite magazine and now it's shaping up to be a sweet little makeup line too! 
It's pretty reasonably priced, some things are a bit out of my price range (the top end of the prices is £18) but this nail varnish is £5, which i think is decent for such a good nail varnish :)

17 Fast Finish nail varnish in Fury!! (What a good name, sounds like a superhero)
 I think this is just suchhhh a beautiful polish! It's a duochrome, shifting colour from green, to gold, to bronze, really reminds me of Golden Green from Models Own, except that's more of a green colour.
17 is up there with my favourite makeup ranges, so cheap and most things are such good quality! 
This was only £2.99.

Barry M nail effect in Silver Glitter. (The holographic lid makes me happy haha)
 This is the perfect festive topcoat! You can wear it on it's own but the opacity you see above is after 3 coats so you'd need a few more to get a really zingy nail! I think this would look amazing over silver (a great New Years nail!) and i'm planning to put it over a red nail varnish in time for a Christmas meal i'm having with my friends tomorrow, get in the festive spirit (only 5 more sleeps until Chrimbo after all, SQUEAL)!
I don't know whether you can only buy this in Boots, because i haven't seen it in Superdrug at all. 
Boots are doing an offer where if you spend over £6 on Barry M then you get this one absolutely free! But i don't currently have my eye on any Barry M stuff (maybe because i own it all...maybe....) so i just bought this one on it's own for £3.99 :)

17 Fast Finish nail varnish in Gemstone.
 This was suuuper hard to get a good picture of, but it's gorgeous and really wintery! 
It's a dark plum colour with shimmer running through it, great for a sophisticated look (although on my short stubby nails it doesn't look as posh!) 
This was £2.99 also :)
And as i bought 2 products from Boots' 17 range i got a little makeup bag of goodies FREE! :D
Check this little lot out;
 How good is this for free?! And the red and glitter are perfect for Christmas, i'll be using this red under my Barry M Nail Effects (above) :)
Here's a closer look at the polishes;
 That's all for my recent nail varnish buys! Not too many...*ahem* :)
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. omgosh i love all these nail polishes! they look great on you! :D Xx

  2. I love Glitter Nail Polishes! x

  3. @Mannequins Dream thank you! I loveeee them :)

    @Charchiccc so do iiiii :)

    @Zoe so do i, i'm addicted!

  4. That nail pop copper glitter polish is def my favorite!!!!!!
    and the Barry M one is cute too!
    Gotta love me a good sparkly nail polish for the holiday season!


  5. I am too jealous that you have a collection of over 100! I too am loving the glitter ones, perfect for this sparkly festive season :) xxx

  6. @paintedREDDD you definitely do! I LOVE glitter polishes, you won't be able to stop looking at your nails!!

    @Meg definitely! Although glitter is good for all year round ;)

  7. The Nail pop polish is my favourite
    The sparkle is just amazing! Xx


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