November Favourites (better late than never!!)

Hello! per usual i am almost 2 weeks late with my favourites! 
Wellllll done Angela!!
But seen as it's blustery (to say the least!) outside and there's nothing on the telly i thought i'd get round to it now :)

I am in loveee with these facial wipes! I've tried them all, from No7 to Primark, from actual facial wipes to baby wipes, and these are by FAR the best ones i've ever used! They're so moist, after you've used them to take off your makeup (which they're also very good at) it actually feels like you've moisturised, and for someone with dry skin like me that's a miracle because usually after i've used a facial wipe my skin feels all tight and horrible! 
They're reasonably priced, not super cheap and considering the rate i go through facial wipes they'll probably work out becoming quite expensive haha, but they're so worth it! They're usually £3.05 but at the moment at Superdrug they're 2 for £3.99! The link is above, so i'll be snapping some up for definite :)

I've had this nail buffer/file for a while (i'm a poet and i didn't know it!) and only started actually using it recently, plus i got one with my Models Own goody bag from Clothes Show Live so now i have one for my handbag and for my bedroom! 
It's an easy way to make your nails look 10 times better! What i do is i file my nail with either the black or the white file, the white file is softer than the black so if you just need to do some minor reshaping use that side, then when i've done that i go through the steps evening, smoothing, buffing and shining my nails! And after it literally looks like i have a topcoat on my nails they're so shiny and healthy looking :) It's also really relaxing to do while you're chilling in front of the tv.

Eylure Naturalites Double False Lashes in 202.
These have overtaken the Intense Eylure lashes as my favourite false eyelashes, and that is definitely saying something because they've been my favourites for a loooooong time! These just look so much more ''natural'' haha as natural as these bad boys can look! But i mean the feathery look of the lashes at the ends and the way they're different lengths makes it look more believable and less obviously fake, if you catch my drift!

Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum.
I think i might have featured this before but it just had to done again because these Pout Polishes are immense! They're SO nourishing and smell like vanilla-fudge! I love wearing this one for work, because my lips get really dry when i'm working and this just makes them look so juicy and shiny!! I have this nude one which is my favourite but i also have a bright pink one (Pink Cadillac) and that gives such a brilliant, pigmented colour that i'll definitely be getting some more! Next on my wishlist is Electro Peach and Raspberry Rhapsody :)

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation in Light Porcelain.
I just recently dug this foundation out and thought i'd give it another try, and i'm so glad i did! I don't know why i stopped using it because the colour is a great match for me, it gives great coverage and the application is second to none! It comes in a compact like a powder, and it's solid, the consistency of a cream blush, then you use a sponge/foundation brush and just smooth it onto your skin and it magically turns into a more liquid feeling foundation! It feels light and soft on your skin, such a brilliant foundation! I've only got a tiny bit left so i'll definitely be repurchasing! Love the packaging too, really simple and sleek.
The only downside i can think of is that the colour choices are quite limited, only 4 to choose from, so i definitely think Maybelline should look to expand this range and release more colours for different skintones!
This was £8.19 at Boots but at the moment it's only £5.46, a third off!

Liz Earle Skin Essentials Kit.
I didn't actually buy this kit, i won it by collecting vouchers from the Mail On Sunday! haha so i'm definitely the lucky one because i never would have forked out £42 for this kit myself, but maybe i will from now on!
I honestly didn't think this kit would do much for my skin, i use the Superdrug Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser at the moment and that is brilliant! But obviously there is a reason that is £5.99 and the Liz Earle is £23 for a tube of the same size! The Liz Earle kit really makes my skin look clearer, i don't have problem skin at all but this just makes me look fresher and ''cleaner''! If that makes sense haha the Skin Tonic is great for just waking up your face in the morning too if you're in too much of a hurry to use the whole Skin Essentials kit! I usually take my makeup off with a facial wipe first though, so i only have to use the Cleanse and Polish once (it is pricey after all!!) The kit above is £41 for all of this plus a complimentary SuperSkin concentrate, which i think is a decent price considering the total cost of this kit is £63.25 when bought individually, although maybe stick this on your Christmas list to ease the pain of spending that much money ;)

YSL eBay dupe ring.
I've blogged about this ring before so i won't go into too much detail again but i absolutely love it! Such a statement piece and considering you can buy it for less than £2 (that's half the price of a Starbucks for heavens sake!!) i think it's outstanding! I currently have the red version on order as well so i will let you all know when that comes :)

Cosy socks!!
I definitely recommend these beauties for this arctic weather we're having! As long as you keep your feet warm i think the rest of you stays warm so these are a godsend! I got these purple lovelies in a pack of two (which i shared with my boyfriend, he loves them even more than i do!) for £2 from Primark but if you click on the link above you can also buy some super cute ones from Matalan too, and they're SUCH cosy material from there too :)

Glitter Topcoats!
Look at all the sparklessss, careful you don't get hypnotised!!
Of course as it's Christmas it's practically the law that everything has to be sparkley (in my world anyway) so these glitter topcoats have come in right handy at jazzing up any old nail varnishes that just aren't festive-party-season-worthy! My personal favourite out of this bunch is probably the Barry M Pink Iridescent on the left.
The next glitter topcoat i'm coveting is the Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Overcoat (link above), it looks too gorgeous for words, be perfect for New Years Eve....oh who am i kidding, there's room for glitter all year round! :D

I hope you enjoyed this :)
Sorry it's so late!! And if you have any November Favourites posts up on your blogs then please link me to them below, i love reading them :)

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  1. Lovely ring
    I keep seeing the pout polish and always want to try it :) roll on payday :) Xx

  2. @Zoe i love it :) you should treat yourself to one!

    @claire louise treat yourself to one :) You should definitely get a pout polish too, get a nuder colour first to test it out if you're sceptical, but you won't regret it :)

  3. Great stuff! That ring is really pretty, and those eyelashes look awesome! :)

    xx Jessica

  4. They are awesome, frame your face perfectly!!


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