Topshop Smokey Eyes Quad review!

Hello there my little Christmas elves!!
I've got another little sparkly treat to review for you all!
This is £10 on the Topshop website but i got it from a giveaway on gorgeous Amy's blog Beauty Boutique (thanks Amy!!!)
As you all know, i'm a massive fan of the Sleek Nude palette and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette, so i'm drowning in palettes of brown eyeshadows! But the Topshop one is by no means getting lost in the crowd, it definitely stands out!
Here's some pictures of it before i talk about it and show you some looks i made with it :)

 Sooo pretty! And really compact so if you're going anywhere overnight, to a hotel or anything, it just slips in your bag without any fuss and is secure enough so it won't open up and leave eyeshadow all over your bag! plus, the packaging is so funky! black with white spots, and it feels almost rubbery! Not the usual plastic casing.
Plus you get a nice little pamphlet telling you how to use the palette! You can always just play about with it as well though, but it's still a good idea for people who aren't that good with makeup to put a pamphlet in with the palette :)
 Top is without flash and bottom is with flash :)
I decided to follow the instruction pamphlet to see what look it would create, and it was actually really nice! This is the finished result;
 This is using all the colours but the second one, i really like it! Love the rich bronze colour! The pigmentation is really good, gives a great colour pay off. 
But when you're wearing a bold colour on your lips then you can just use the lightest colour all over your lid and upto your browbone for a bit of shimmer! As in this picture;
I had on BRIGHT red lipstick (i was compared to a Geisha haha) so this really simple eye look perfectly offset it (you can also see a little bit of my new coral blush, shade 4 from MUA, only £1! I love it, perfect pop of colour and really compliments red lipstick better than a pink blush) 
I would never have thought of buying this palette if i hadn't won it so i'm so glad i did! This is why blog giveaways are such a great thing, you get to experience things you never have before! 
Thanks again to Amy!!

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  1. That's a great look, gorgeous colours!!

  2. really love this look! I featured this palette in my recent gift suggestions post so glad to see it on someone! it looks great. btw your eyes are so lovely and big im so jealous!

  3. @Alex thank you :D they are aren't they, looking forward to messing about with this :)

    @carmen xo aww thank you!! haha the pictures must be flattering, my eyes aren't that big :D haha it's a great palette! i would never have thought to use it if i hadn't won it!

  4. I love your eyebrows :D xxx

  5. haha thank you!! They get more compliments than anything else on my face haha :)

  6. This looks really nice, I always wondered how good the Topshop eyeshadows were and they look great!xx

  7. Im yet to try Topshops eyeshadows but theses look lovely!

  8. Glad you liked it :) It looks lovely :) xxx

  9. @Blaming Beauty it really is :)

    @Zoe they're a bit pricey, but judging by this one, worth it if you have that extra bit of money to spend :)

    @Amy it is :D thank youuu!!

  10. owww love the look of those colours! those are my favourite colours to use to do a smokey eye with because the darks and blacks don't suit me at all! Looking out for this pallete next time I'm near a Topshop! Xx

  11. OMG that palette is to die for.You're so lucky for winning it :) I've always wanted to try Topshop cosmetics especially their blushes. I always swatch them when I'm in Topshop but always leave emptyhanded. I must get some soon.As for the palette it looks divine. :) but i haven't seen it here yet in Ireland.I'll keep my eye on it because I LOVE neutral eyes. You eye make-up looks gorgeous by the way. :)

    i have my own beauty blog over at It would mean so much to me Aangie if you can stop by and follow.I woiuld gladly return the favour asap :) hope you have a great day. I would love to be friends with you and I'll make sure to keep in contact and visit your blog regularly and of course I'll be leaving comments on them. :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @Claire Louise it's so gorgeous, you totally should, the colours really really last :)

    @diane aww what a shame they don't have it yet!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :D Your blog is SO good, seriously not just saying that :) I'm a new follower!!


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