Best & Worst Dressed : Golden Globes!

Hiyaaa glitter balls!!
I know i said i'd do this post the other day but compleeetely slipped my mind! But here goes :)

Lea Michele
 Dress : Marchesa.
Now, sorry to all the Gleeks out there, but i can't standddd Lea Michele! She always has this self-satisfied look on her face that really irritates me! But no matter how much i don't like her, i have to concede this dress is killer! So suuuuper sparkley and antique looking, good on her figure too because she doesn't have huge boobs which would cheapen this dress slightly.

Jessica Biel
 Dress : Elie Saab Haute Couture.
With all the rumours flying around about her and Justin Timberlake getting hitched i wouldn't be surprised if Jessica wore this just to set peoples tongues wagging, i certainly would!! 
I love how it looks so delicate and demure but then she's got the foxy thigh-high split at the front and the bum-skimming back that shows of her banging bod to perfection!

Nicole Kidman
Dress : Versace.
Once again, this is not a woman who would usually figure on a best dressed list of mine, but she just looks absolutely stunning in this dress! It has so much impact and the column affect makes her look like a sexy totem pole (in a good way).
Matching her hair to her clutch also gives her huge style points in my book, kudos.

Evan Rachel Wood
 Dress : Gucci.
Apart from looking uncannily like Meryl Streep in the second picture, despite the sizable age difference, she's got it spot on for her dark and brooding personality this time, usually she goes far too gothic for my tastes but this is eery and interesting, the feathers on the hem and what looks like scales on the bodice, just gorgeous!

Nicole Richie
 Dress : Julien MacDonald.
Brigitte Bardot is back on the fashion radar! Oh's Nicole Richie!
It's very clear who she's taking inspiration from for this look, and it's totally working for her, she has come into her own these past few years to become one of the most consistent fashion icons around!

Kristen Wiig
I just love this look!
She looks kind of boho, like she doesn't give a toss while still managing to look stunningly beautiful!
Her hair looks amazing! Don't know where that mane came from!
The plunging neckline totally works on her athletic figure.

Now a couple of not-so-well-dressed celebs....

Naya Rivera
Dress : Vera Wang.
Face = beautiful, flawless, stunning.
Dress = WHAT is up with it?!
It's all seam! Am i the only one that sees the huge seam running down the middle of the dress? and since when was a ruched polo neck in style? It looks like something i've hobbled together out of some old (cheap) curtains, poor show Vera Wang.

Kelly Osbourne
Dress : Zac Posen.
Oh dear lord, i need to sit down.
This is a girl who hosts a show called The Fashion Police and she turns up to the Golden Globes wearing a dress made out of thick sleeping bag type material, with conical breasts and shoulders included?!
Plus, the hair, it would suit some people i'm sure, but the grey hair isn't working on her, pass the hair dye STAT.

Erin Wasson
The poor girl, she appears to have been attacked by a gang of hungry paper shredders on her way to the party!
Once again, why would you put so much effort into your makeup and hair when you know you're just going to be putting this hideous outfit on, if it can even be called an outfit?!
It makes her look horrendously skinny, to the point of malnourishment.

So that's my little lot! Who was your best/worst dressed? Let me know!

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  1. I don't really like Lea Michele either but that dress, on her is stunning!
    I loved Kristen Wig as well and I think it wouldn't have worked on a lot of people!
    So disappointed with Kelly Osbourne as well, really expect more of her!

  2. I know, makes me feel a bit weird complimenting Lea haha something about her i can't stand! but she looks hotttt.
    Yeah anyone else would have looked trashy with a slit on the leg and a lowcut neck but she looks stunning, and as for Kelly, urgh!! So disappointing!

  3. omg i'm really shocked at that Vera Wang dress with the seam, not a good look,Lea Michele's dress is my fave :) xx

  4. Evan Rachel Wood's Gucci is just the best thing I've ever seen.
    Selma Hayek also wore a delicious black/gold metal Gucci number - seems I've just got a lot of Gucci love going on at the moment!

  5. Fab dresses! Yes Erin...what are you trash! ;( x

  6. Love this post - I think Emma Stone looked amazing - her dress was definately my fave! x

  7. Haha, I was just scrolling down thinking "everyone looks really good" and then I got to that last one...! That truly is an awful outfit!

  8. @cosmo_junkie i know!! Vera Wang is my dream wedding dress designer and she goes and does thisss to a dress!!

    @hannah yes i saw that one! She looked amazing, spesh considering she's just given birth not long ago!!

    @Vodkaandroses godd i know, she looks awful!

    @charchiccc deffo! she almost made it onto my list :)

    @sophie isobel it's a god awffful outfit!! she looks so trampy :(

  9. I love your opinions! Nicole Kidman's dress is gorgeous! I really did a triple take on it. It's so perfect for her figure, it was like the dress was made just for her figure.

    1. Thank you!! haha it's really nice on her figure isn't it, she usually get's it wrong but she got it oh-so right on this one!


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