Girl crush - Rachel Bilson!

Hello my fellow girl crushers!!
Who doesn't love this pint-sized pretty?! 
Feast your eyes but make sure you don't vomit from all the sweetness you're about to devour!!

Do you also love the Bilson?
Who's your girl crush?

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!! Love her style as well!
    Not sure who my girl crush is, probably Emma Stone or Demi Lovato I think!!

  2. I have a massive crush on Bilson! Im not sure who my ultimate girl crush is- it keeps changing! Think overall its prob Cheryl Cole! xxx

  3. I love Rachel Bilson! Definitely my fashion icon!

  4. Shes so gorgeous, I have to agree!


  5. Oh my gosh, another Rachel Bilson fan? Yippee! I love her, she's so amazing. Her style is so wonderful and quirky, I just want to wear every outfit :) Do you watch Hart of Dixie? It's my favourite show in the entire world, hehe ♥♥♥
    Your blog is fabulous, by the way!
    xo Maria

  6. @Lipgloss Lily Emma stone is a cutie! Yeah her style is the main reason i love her, she wears jeans and a tshirt but manages to make it look uber stylish!

    @meaw everyone loves a bit of Chezza! she's a stunner

    @Memoirs Deffo one of my main ones too!

    @Copper Garden lot of love for little Bilson! haha

    @Fab Fingertips definitely, and super cute too!

    @Maria she's absolutely gorgeous isn't she! Even when she dresses down there's always something about her! I've never seen it no! I'm going to have to catch up on the internet, didn't even know she had a new show!!
    Thank you so much :D


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