Lush Bath Ballistic: Think Pink!

I thought i'd do a post on one of the manyyy Lush bath bombs my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary, he spoilt me rotten that's fo-sho! 
I decided to use the smallest one he bought me first, the delectable Think Pink!
The little 3D flowers on the top, the bright pink colour, it's a bit of a dreamboat! Plus it smells like a more vanilla-ey version of Snow Fairy, JACKPOT.
Now for the most exciting bit, what it did to the bath!
 This little bath bomb definitely proves that good things come in small packages (and at only 5ft3, this is something i've always hoped/suspected!) with it's bright fuschia colour and all these gorgeous little hearts (which dissolve in the water so no pesky clearing up needed, yay!) exploding from the middle once it's finished fizzing! 
I'd definitely buy this again, it left my skin super smooth and smelling gorgeous afterwards too, which is it's main objective really but i always get distracted by how pretty they make the water look! Shallow? MOI?
This retails at £2.85 according to the Lush website.
I'll have a few more of these posts coming up because as i said, my boyfriend showered me with Lush gifts for our anni-v! :)
Will you be picking up this bath bomb?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. This is such a cutie!!! Love the little hearts!!!



  2. This is a really cute bath bomb! x

  3. How cute is this, aww. The little hearts are the perfect touch x

  4. Very cute perfect for Vday.

  5. love your blog. would you mind following me:) * now following you*


  6. I LOVE this bomb! the hearts are so cute
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog


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