My eBay listing!

Hello thereee monkey puzzles!!
I thought i'd let you know about a top I'm selling on eBay, it was a Christmas present that unfortunately doesn't fit me :( It's such a shame because it's compleeetely gorgeous but hey-ho, i'm a bit of a fatty!! haha.
This is what it looks like;
Click on the picture to take you to the listing, where there's lots more details about the top :)
Also i was wondering if anyone would like me to do a blog sale? I don't know whether there's much call for it but i have a few things that i don't use that i think other people would benefit from more than me :) 
Let me know!!
Thanks a lot :D

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  1. Such a lovely top! Blog sales are always fun Xx

    I have given you an award over on my blog Xx

  2. Blog sale would be great! haha :P

  3. Blog sale would be great! haha :P

  4. @Claire Louise thank youuu :D And yeaah think i might sort some stuff out to do a small blog sale :) Clear some stuff from my room, and make room for more stuff!!! haha

    @Aisling Thank youu for your opinion :D

  5. Lovely top. Blog sales are fun tho I always miss on stuff haha,anyhoo nail swatch coming up soon with e No 7 polish! Which body butter did u purchase by the way?

  6. Thats such a pretty top! Also definitely do a blog sale, they are worth it :) I love finding bargains too!

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  7. @Sharon oooh thank you, can't wait to see it!! I got Spiced Vanilla from the Christmas range, it's gorgeousss!

    @Carissa Ok i will do, it's decided!! haha :)

    @Kelly definitely will be, i'll get all my stuff together soon :)


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