My new obsession: Yankee Candles!

Hey, howdy and hola!
I know i'm probably (definitely) late on this bandwagon but i had to share my latest love with you guys! 
Just before Christmas i got into candles and my mam bought me loads for Christmas presents, and she also bought me a candle burner, which in my opinion, is SO much better than normal candles! So lately instead of wasting my money on candles from Glade or Airwick i've been buying Yankee Candle tarts!
They're so cheap, i haven't seen any over £2, and you can split them into 4 different chunks which makes them last forever! If you put a whole tart in the burner it's just a waste of money and doesn't even smell much stronger! 
The scent of them really lingers in the room for literally, hours after you blow the tea light out too! 
Anyway, enough rambling! Here's some pictures of the latest tarts i bought;
Aren't the pictures on the front the cutest thing?! They really sum up what the smell smells like, if you get me haha!
I got all these tarts from, they're a great site i stumbled across that sells loads of Yankee Candles, plus lots of other brands, for rock bottom prices!
Firstly Soft Blanket - This is a real classic of the Yankee Candle world! It's a really fresh, comfy, cosy scent! Really clean, this would definitely be a crowd pleaser of a fragrance! and at only 90p, who can resist?!
Strawberry Buttercream - This has to be my favourite scent of any i've smelt! It's a gorgeous mix of sweet strawberries and vanilla, it smells creamy and sickly, but in a good way! But i'm obsessed with vanilla scents, so if you're not so much a sweet smells person then this might not be the one for you! This was £1.20.
Christmas Cookie - This is a really nice, cosy scent. It smells like when you walk into a bakery or someones baking in your house and it wafts in the room, a subtle but irresistable scent! This one was also 90p, SCORE.
Finally, Cinnamon Stick - This is probably a love it or hate it scent, my boyfriend HATES cinnamon like you wouldn't believe, as does one of my best friends, but then again i love it and so does another one of my friends! So you're either going to drool at the sound of this one, or turn you're nose up completely it seems haha this smells exactly like Christmas pudding! That spicy, fruity smell is just <3 yummm! It's a really strong scent. This was also £1.10.

If any of these Yankee Candles tickle your fancy then please click on the names of the scents and it'll take you straight to the site to buy them :)
Shipping is really cheap from there too, it's free for over £40 but when i bought these 4 tarts it was only £1.49 which is better than the usual £4 by a mile!! 
I've got a couple more Yankee Candles in the post on their way so i'll let you know when they come :) 
I also bought my boyfriend a Yankee Candle Ultimate Car Jar from eBay too, because why should the car miss out on the Yankee Candle goodness?!
It was in the scent Macintosh and it's super cute, it's like a little Yankee Candle jar hanging from the rear-view mirror :D and it really gives off an amazing scent!
This is what it looks like;
How sweet is that!! I bought it from eBay seller theonestopyankeeshop for £3.99 with free P&P :)
Here's the link, they also do a lot of other scents too :)
Do you have any Yankee Candle scents i should try? Let me know!
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Oh I LOVE the Yankee candles. The Christmas one's are so gorg!!
    lovely blog <3

  2. LOVE yankee candle my mother in law was a assit manager so i have a ton of candles =)

  3. Yankee Candles= my new love affair! I wasn't aware of the tarts though.. Evidently, I need to do me some more Yankee exploration!

    Thank you for the recommendation!


  4. I loveee Yankee Candles, these sound good though as they are much cheaper! I may give them a try :)

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  5. @Lipgloss Lily they are indeed!! i'm pretty obsessed with them haha

    @Hunter87 you're so lucky!! haha

    @Kathy B you're welcome! They're really good value for money and if, like me, you get bored of scents easily and like to try new things then they're great!

    @Carissa yeah all you need is a tart burner, you can buy them from supermarkets and everywhere, and you're away!! :)

  6. I have a crazy obsession for wax tarts right now. Theyre so cheap and smell amazing- i just cant resist!! never thought about breaking them up before though...thanks! xxx

  7. @meaw yeah it's a good idea isn't it! Can't remember who i heard it off, think it was QVC haha


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