Nail looks of late!

Hello there sailors!!
Now if any of you know me at all you'll know how much i enjoy doing my nails, so you won't be surprised that in the past few days i've done my nails thrice! They're definitely going to fall out one of these days!!
Anyway, getting on with it! 
Firstly a few days ago i did my nails with this look;
I used Barry M in Raspberry which is such a gorgeous, deep red, so great for winter! But of course i couldn't just paint my nails and leave it at that haha i'm far too easily bored!! I put a matte topcoat (from 17 at Boots) on just the ring finger, this is such a shiny nail varnish normally that it's really noticeable when you put a matte topcoat on just one of the fingers! I really enjoyed this look :)

This is my ombre'd nails! I once ombre'd my nails before and i used pinks, but this time i started with black and worked my way to white making it lighter with every finger!
Starting from the thumb and working clockwise i used Fatal Black from Miss Sporty, Accessorize nail varnish in Notorious, a W7 silver nail varnish, Revlon in Silver and No7 in Snowflake (which i'll be featuring in an upcoming mini haul!) 

 How puuuurdy is this?! I got this from the lovely Claire's blog sale over at XxDollyBlossom, i don't know what shade it is but as you can see it's a OPI mini bottle, and it's the most beautiful copper/gold/bronze duochrome! It's really stunning, i can't stop looking at my hands!! 

And that's that!! Although i dare say i'll have another NOTD before the week is out! haha.
Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. I love barry M raspberry! Been wearing it a lot this winter! x

  2. Love the monochrome version - the different textures give it that little extra something! 

  3. Love the barry M colour!

  4. Lovely nails colors! :)

    xx Jessica

  5. Love the Barry M one&e OPI one as well x

  6. Love the OPIS shade!! I was going to buy that myself from Claire but saw it got snapped up!!haha!!



  7. Love the OPI bronze polish.

  8. Love the Barry M polish!

  9. I really love the black to light ombre effect! xxx

  10. Lot of love for the nails!! Especially the Barry M, who says you need to spend a lot for cracking nails?! haha thanks chickaaa's!!


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