Hola Pikachu's!
This is a NOTD from yesterday, because i've since painted my nails again haha but in my defence, they chipped so i had to, not just because i'm obsessed with changing my nails of course....
I wore this nail look to go out for tea with my two best friends, a OOTN and a FOTN is also on it's way :)
Onto the nails!
 I used a gorgeous metallic plum colour from 17 on my nails, the shade was Gemstone. It was really shiny and sophisticated but i never like to just have block colours on my nails, i get too bored of them too easily! so i put this gorgeous Claire's glitter over it! I got this glitter from my best friend for Christmas and it's so unusual! Never seen a nail varnish like it before and i love it! As you can see from the pictures of it on the nail, it's a clear base with fine bits of blue glitter in it and large bits of lilac glitter also, it stops your nails from chipping so quickly as well. This was £2.50 (she handily left the price on the nail varnish haha) from Claire's/Claire's Accessories (i don't know what it's called now!).
You can't get this particular one on the website but you can get two other really gorgeous variations, a red, blue and gold glitter version;
It's almost like a very vague dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection too! Click on the picture for a link :)
And a very pretty pastel green, pink and gold version;
Love them! A very easy way to make your nails eye-catching :)
and these two are only £2.50 on the website!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. I would never think to try Claires nail polish, I love the glitter though!

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. i love how you've only coated the ring finger with the glitter, gives a great effect! xxx

  3. oh wow these nail varnishes look gorgeous :) I'm obsessed with glitter nail varnish atm.
    <3 Holz oxo

  4. I haven't seen Claire's nail varnish since I was a teenager xx

  5. @Carissa i went in today and they have SO many gorgeous glitters! They didn't have a card machine though and i didn't have any money on me so i couldn't buy any :'( some other tiiiime!

    @Sylvie thank you :D I love doing that! Adds some interest!

    @Holziepink so am i!! Claire's have some amaaazing ones.

    @Lisa me neither! but my friend was obviously ahead of the curve because when i went in the nail varnishes are gorgeous! haha


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