Hello...Is it me you're looking for? 
Well it must be if you're here!
Thought i'd post this OOTN and FOTN now seen as i'm BORED STIFF :( Although i'm very lucky to have a week off work, it's poo when there's nothing to do haha.
But i kept myself entertained by going out to a pub with my best friends and having some lovely food! Which is not inkeeping with my New Years diet but HEYHO.
 Face - Loreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain. Dream Matte Mousse concealer in Ivory. Collection 2000 pressed powder in Ivory. Maxfactor Cream Blush on cheeks.
Eyes - Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadow palette. Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara.
Lips - 17 Shine On lipstick in Flirty.

Cardigan - H&M.
Peter pan collar top - Primark.
Shorts - H&M.
Black tights - Sainsbury's.
Ankle boots - River Island.
Bag - eBay.

The bag might look familiar to you, that's because it's the same bag that a lot of beauty bloggers have bought off eBay, the Alexander Wang Rocco dupe!
Here's the real deal, as modelled by the gorgeous Kristen Cavallari;
 and here's the eBay version!
 It's basically the same!!
I first saw this on the beautiful Laura's blog Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist and i fell in love with it! I knew i had to have it!
The actual Alexander Wang Rocco is around the £700 mark and this dupe is only £29.99! You can buy it here in black and also several other colours.
There's also one with a detachable long handle so you can carry it across your body too, which would be really handy, so that's next on my wish list! 
Those can also be purchased from the same eBay seller so be sure to check out their shop, they sell a lot of great quality items :)
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hahaha opening line made me laugh. Your cheeks look nice :) I wish I would use other colours on mine apart from pink ha xx

  2. I want that bag! The seller must have sold loads to bloggers/youtubers lol! Xx


  3. Ahhh I've been after that bag for SO long I need to eventually cave in and get it haha!.

  4. Lovelyy outfit, especially the cardie!!
    Haha that bag is GORG, I think every beauty blogger/youtuber has theirs now lol!


  5. I love your bag!! I may have to get one I'm currently on a search for a new one xx

  6. @Lisa i do try, i've got a coral blush and a plummy one but i keep going back to my lovely pinks! haha goes with my skintone more! When i'm tanned i take more risks with it though!

    @Hannah definitely!! It's such a versatile bag though so i'm not surprised it's taken off!

    @x-makeup-meow-x you will wear it to deathhh so don't feel bad about buying it haha it's half the price of a Topshop or River island bag and the same quality, if not better!

    @Lipgloss Lily thank you :D haha yeah i bet!! I want the tan one too, but the black is a classic :)

    @LauraMck oooh let me know if you buy it :D They're really good quality, i'd recommend them!

  7. I want that bag! Does it feel cheap though? xxx

  8. @Aisling no not at all! Feels like real leather!


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