Primark, Superdrug & more haul!

Good evening my little cream cakes!!
I feel like i haven't done a haul in aaaages!! Which is probably because, i haven't! 
But i have a few things to show you that i've been saving up for a while :)
First i'll show you the things i bought the other day when i was in town;
I really needed some more dry shampoo so i headed down the aisle to find Batiste, of course, when these little beauties caught my eye! Isn't the packaging super cute?! and the sweet names are a nice touch too.
Usually i wouldn't really cast a look in the direction of a dry shampoo that wasn't Batiste, but these were on buy one get TWO free, yes, you heard me right, TWO! So how can i resist?! And i've used Heart On Your Sleeve once and it smelt gorgeousss, and it did just as good a job as Batiste in my opinion! I'll obviously have to use them more but with an offer like this who can turn it down?! Away With The Fairies is also available here, they're £1.99 each :)

Bought another one of my favourite ''pale'' foundation, Loreal Infallible in Porcelain, i'd been taking the top off the one i had at home and scraping the remaining foundation out but i well and truly ran out so had to buy some more! I'd been putting it off because at £12 it's pretty pricey! But luckily when i went to buy it it was on offer at £9.29 :) This is a really great foundation for the really pale amongst us (like me!), i don't have to blend it all the way down my neck because the colour is a perfect match! And the coverage is second to none :)

I wasn't sure about this dress! Didn't know about the colours, but the more i look at it the more i like it (thankfully!), i love this shape of dress too, skater dresses where they're fitted around the boobs and waist and flare out at the hips. This was £10 from Primark.

I got this really cute top from Primark too, it's quite thin material but it isn't sheer or anything, it's quite cropped though, i'd say it comes to just below your belly button so i'd wear it with some high waisted shorts or a body con skirt under it to avoid any flesh flashing! This was only £5, bargainnn.

I got these from a bargain, market-style clothes shop that was having a massive sale! Can't remember the name of it but it doesn't really matter as it wasn't a chain of stores, just a one off place.
Now, not everyone will like these, but i'm a sucker for leopard print and really wanted some leopard print leggings, these are probably the best ones i've seen around, most of them look super cheap! And these were only £6. Sometimes i look at them and i think :/ i'm not sureee, but i think with the right outfit they'll work! 

Now some things i've bought over the past month or so, in no particular order!
 I've never owned anything MAC before but i got a Amazon voucher when i joined so i put it to good use!! haha. 
I love these lipglosses! They're so shimmery and non-sticky, not like any lipgloss i've ever used.
I'm not a big fan of lipglosses usually but these are just brilliant! Have to be careful not to layer it on too much though because it has glitter in it that can start to feel a bit chunky if it's layered up too much!
I got these from here, on Amazon, and they were £11.76 each.

 I got this super pretty ring from a eBay seller i've used before, watchhot2.
It's packed full of crystals and is such a cute statement ring that will add interest to any outfit, i LOVE it! plus it was LESS than £2 with free shipping! Buy it here.

You might have seen me blog about this ring but in turquoise, well i couldn't resist purchasing the red one too because i loveee it so much! Unfortunately it's a bit small so i can't wear it for too long otherwise my fingers get a bit achey!! haha but i still really like it, and it was again less that £2! This was from the same seller as the previous ring, here for the link :)

Got these lovelyyy chelsea boots from H&M, they were £14.99 in the sale and i loveee them! They go really well with loads of outfits and so glad i finally got my hands on some! Great quality too, feel just like real leather! They're unfortunately sold out now :(

And that's that!! I've got a few more things coming from but i don't know whether i'm keeping them or not yet but if i do i'll do another haul including them :) 
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Oh my god!! I have a very similar Panda ring that I got at my brithday and forgot all about - thanks for the reminder haha!!

    I'm really nervous about ordering from Amazon but might give it a go lol that ring is gorg!


  2. Great Haul!
    That panda ring is super cute =)

  3. I love the rings and the chelsea boots. I can't believe the dry shampoo was buy one get two free. I really want to get some. x

  4. Could you do a review on the dry shampoo once you've used a can? I would love to see how they compare with Batiste :)

    Aisling from :) (I'm a new follower!)

  5. OMG I loooooooooove the panda ing, so cute and sparkly!

  6. Really like those boots! Such a shame theyr sold out now :(

    Joined your site:)

    Katie xoxo

  7. @Lipgloss Lily haha you're welcome! It's really cute isn't it :) the lipglosses are really good but personally i prefer buying things off eBay than Amazon!

    @hunter87 thank you :D

    @Chantelle Thomas it's a really good deal isn't it!! I couldn't believe itttt!

    @Hi i'm Aisling yeahh course i will :) I go through it pretty quickly so you shouldn't be waiting long haha

    @GABY it's so pretty isn't it!!

    @Katie i knowww :( They're really good quality! i love them :)


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