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Hello again!!
I'm pretty bad at keeping up with this type of things but i'm trying to change my ways, starting now!! haha, i got awarded a couple of blog awards recently so i thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and do them together!
The first one was from the beautiful Emma at Em's Mixed Bag!

1. Name your favourite song
There's sooo many!! But a song that really captured my heart when i first listened to it and still gets me everytime i hear it is Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band, i juuust love them and it! Listen below if you've never heard of it yourself :)

2. Name your favourite desert
Apple crumble and custard, HANDS DOWN!

3. What ticks you off?
Anything that's unnecessary and dumb, like racism, homophobia, bad manners, etc.

4. When I'm upset I...
Usually skulk off on my own somewhere and cheer myself up with candles and Westlife haha

5. Favourite Pet
I hate favourites but my cat Smudge is pretty hard to beat <3 

6. Black or White
White! I like white cars, phones, laptops etc.

7. Biggest Fear

8. Everyday Attitude
Appreciate every moment, you'll never see it again.

9. What is perfection
Everyones perfection is different i guess, actual perfection doesn't exist, it's just what's perfect for/to you.

10. Guilty pleasure
I don't have any guilty pleasures haha i'm pretty open and proud of all the trash tv/magazines/music i listen to, VENGABOYS FTW.

7 Random Facts:
1. I'm veeery scared of the dark.
2. I'd have a boob job tomorrow if i was given the chance, not massive jugs or anything, just nice, average sized boobs.
3.I'm a massive daydreamer, the places my mind goes to when i'm trying to get to sleep know no bounds!
4. My new years resolution (along with one of my best friends) is to lose weight and tone up by June.
5. I'm a terrible worrier, although i try to stop myself.
6. My dream place to live is York, no not NEW York, YORK, it's the most beautiful place i can imagine, and perfect for me.
7. I'm a pretty tough nut to crack emotion-wise usually (unless it's my time of the month obviously!) but show me a wedding and i'm blubbing like  a baby!

Now for the next one!! This is from the stunning Gemma at Makeup Meow (check both these lovely ladies out, you won't regret it!)

1. What is your go to makeup product?
 If i could only use one piece of makeup it would have to be my 17 eyebrow pencil! Without eyebrows i look a MESS, seriously, i don't know how i used to cope without them?!

  2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
Leopard print is a biggy, i love that, but i don't really know because i tend to dress in what i like, not trends, so can't remember many!!

 3. What is your favorite dessert?

4. Favorite color?

5. What is your middle name?

6. What was the last song you listened to?
Wine Glass by Leddra Chapman, check out her singing it below! It's really gorgeous.

7. Cats or dogs?
Cats, fo sho.

Now my blog recommendations! Obviously the two lovely ladies i mentioned above, but other than them here's a few more deserving blogs :)
And the awards go toooo...........!

Meg's Budget Boutique <3
The Sunday Girl <3
Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist <3
XxDollyBlossom <3
Charchiccc <3
Faye's Fix <3
Emily Victoria <3
The Style Rawr <3

Hope you find a wonderful new blog or two from the choice above, i love them all so i couldn't blame you if you loved them all too though!
Ciao for now!!

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