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If you really want to that is...haha.
I saw this tag on gorgeous Chloe's wonderful blog Chloabelle and i just had to do it (because i'm self obsessed..joke! I hope...) as i found hers really interesting to read so i hope my lovely followers will too :)
On with it!

Vital Statistics:
Nicknames: Angie, Angie-Pangie, Angie-Pangie-Sugar and Shit, Ang, Flange, Beck, Smelly, Tink and probably more!
Birthday: 11th of October.
Place of Birth: Darlington, UK.
Zodiac Sign: Libra!
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: I work in a cafe, cooking, serving, etcccc.
Residence: Darlington, UK.
Screen Name: AngieBeautyBelle

Hair Colour:
Hair Length: past shoulder length, because i'm too lazy to get it cut haha
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Best Feature: ermmm...i'd probably say myyy..mouth or eyes.
Height: 5ft 3 (AND  A HALF, it's important haha)
Braces?: Nopeeee, i'm lucky in that respect!
Glasses?: No i have really good eyesight but i'd love to wear glasses! I love the look of them haha
Piercing: Just the one in each ear, no more for me!
Tattoos: None, but i'd love one! Just don't know what i could happily tattoo on myself for the rest of my life without regretting it haha
Righty or Lefty: Righty! (FYI, rightys live longer)

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend:
 Emma, and she's still going strong! haha
First Award: Ooooh don't know!! Won a drawing competition when i was younger so probably that?
First Sport You Joined: Sport? ME? No.
First Real Vacation: Ooooh don't know!!
First Concert: Barry Manilow....i was only about 8, shut up....
First Love: Cringe haha my boyfriend of course! No more slushy questions please!

 SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, urgh amazing. And Willy Wonka, the original.
TV Show: Ooooh...i have loads! Only Way Is Essex, DEXTER, The Mentalist, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks! Gotta say though, Dexter was phenomenal this season so probably at the moment, that. As if i have to wait 9 months for a new series!!
Colours: Red.
Song: Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me.
Candy: ermmm white chocolate!
Restaurant: The best meal i've had out is at the local Maxine's restaurant near us, which is owned by Duncan Bannatyne!
Store: H&M and Superdrug i'd say!
School: oooh don't know!

Book: Cecelia Ahern is my faaave. I love girly, romantic novels haha.
Magazine: Look and Heat!
Shoes: Ermmm....probably some gorgeous flat, brown ankle boots i got from River Island for my birthday from my Boyfriend, so versatile! 
 a bit tired and chilled out due to the Yankee Candles burning on my window sill and the fact that i'm listening to Colbie Caillat on Spotify (check her out if you haven't already, Fearless and Never Told You are two of my faves! Her voice is SILK)
Single or Taken: Takennnn.
Eating: Nothing, i've brushed my teeth so no more food for me, think i've eaten enough for ten men today anyway!! haha.
Typing: This. and this. and this. and pineapple.
Online: Not on MSN no, never am!
Listening To: This Day by Emma's Imagination (CHECK HER OUT TOO, gorgeous, females RULE the music scene at the moment)
Thinking About: what i should do after i finish doing this, definitely not sleep, obv...
Wanting: Some fries from McDonalds.
Watching: nothing! No TV in my room.
Wearing: a loose t-shirt and knickers! I don't like to wear a lot in bed.

Want Children?:
 Not really, I don't particularly like kids haha but if i did i'd adopt, always appealed to me.
Want to be Married: Definitely, i'm a traditional girl at heart haha, but not for a longgg time, i'd want to be 100% sure!
Careers in Mind: Who knowssss?
Where do you want to live?: York!

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger:
Had Alcohol: Never in my life....oops my nose just grew a foot.
Smoked: Took one puff and it put me off for life, no taaa.
Ran Away From Home: I wouldn't last five minutes!
Broken a bone: Never!
Got an X-ray: Never! although i blame YOU if i do now, you asked.
Broken Someone's Heart: I hope not!!
Broke Up With Someone: No.
Cried When Someone Died: Don't remember doing so.
Cried At School: No.

Do You Believe In:
 A god yes, not THE God.
Miracles: Who knows? There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy and all that jazz!
Love At First sight: No, lust yes! haha
Ghosts: YES, my house AND my work are haunted, i think i might be haunted :S Paranormal Activity here i come!!
Aliens: Deffo, my mam has seen some when she was a teenager, she's positive.
Soul Mates: I guess so, not necessarily your boyfriend/girlfriend but it could be your friend or whatever, it's just a name for someone you really click with isn't it haha.
Heaven: Not personally.
Hell: Again, not personally.
Kissing on The First Date: Yeeeah sure.
Yourself: Most of the time! What's the point of not? You'll never get very far that way.

Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to tag yourself in this and do it, but be sure to leave a link to it below in the comments, i LOVE reading these :D 

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  1. Lovely tag! :-) I did one too, link below..


  2. good to know there is another Sleepless in Seattle fan out there! Great post, I love nosing about peoples lives :) xxx


  3. Great Tag!!!
    I will do it too,link below.


  4. I gave you a special mention in my post today by the way :) xxx


  5. @woofits oooh thanks for the link!!

    @Meg haha everyone should love Sleepless!! It's such an amazing film ''and i touched her hand and it was like....magic'' <3

    @Hunter87 ooh can't wait to read it :D


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