Best & Worst Dressed : Grammys!

Hello my pretties!!
I saw some of The Grammys last night and some of the outfits blew my socks off! But needless to say, some left me cold as a kipper!

She really knows how to dress her shape doesn't she! And what stunning makeup she's wearing, she looked beautiful all night, the new bombshell blonde hair really suits her! It's a good job she was well turned out really, she was up on the stage more than the cameramen collecting her awards!!

Ok so...the thank you! Like Rod Stewart on a windy day. 
But this is a best dressed list and that dress is pretty freaking amazing on her! simple, but effective, the gold jewellery really pops against the black dress and her caramel skin.

Taylor Swift.
No-one else quite looks like Taylor, she has her own ethereal look about her that really appeals to me, the porcelain skin and light blonde hair that's always perfectly curled, so this is a step away from her usual girly look but she still manages to keep her own quirky style, and just LOOK at all the beading on that dress, gorgeous.

Katy Perry.
Now i was a bit undecided about putting this dress on the list because it's a bit ill fitting around the waist and boob area, too tight, but it's such a gorgeous dress, classy but she still manages to keep her sense of fun!

Adam Levine.
Doesn't he look handsome!! A little bit more clean-cut than usual (grow the stubble again please Adam) but have you ever seen a man rock such a well-fitting suit?! Tom Ford, you're a mans best friend.

Corinne Bailey-Rae.
Love this flouncy princess dress, but the fact that it's black gives it a edge, and those shoes are amazing!
Her dark red lipstick is so hot on her too, with her mane of amazing curls! 

Now for the less pleasing-to-the-eyes part, the worst dressed!

I've actually seen this on best dressed list, i don't think i've ever seen such a garish use of a net-curtain in my life! maybe it would have worked (and that's a big maybe!) if her underwear had matched the colour of her dress, but this to me just shouts ''look at me! I may be almost 40 but i'm still sexy! just look at my pants!'', whereas if you want to see someone growing older with grace and beauty, check out Jane Seymours outfit for the night.

Nicki Minaj. (and fake Pope)
I knew my outfits had been missing something! A fake Pope, every girl needs one on her arm this season.
Just a bit pathetic how much she's trying desperately to court controversy, just go back to the colourful wigs Nicki.

Anne V.
Her boyfriend ended up on the best dressed list (Adam Levine) but this very bizarre dress has landed her in the proverbial hot water! 
No doubt, she has a banging bod, but is there any need to show off every single inch of it? Decorum please.

Who wins your red rosette for best dressed of the night?

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  1. i love katy perry's hair and also kelly osbourn was my best dressed of the night xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

    1. kelly's dress was gorgeous! So many beautiful looks :)
      I really like the hair,on me it would look crazy though but the Perry can carry anything off :)

  2. Katy Perry really reminds me of one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty here! xx

    1. haha yes! She looks like she could be a good witch or something haha

  3. Adele always dazzles!

    Love your blog!
    this year i am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back please?
    thank you, much appreciated <3 :)

    1. She does indeed, loving her new hair!!
      I'm following, your blog is great :)


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