Best & Worst Dressed : Oscars!

Hello my cherry pies!
It's that time again, time for the big daddy of all the awards show, the don....THE OSCARS.
I have to say, i was slightly disappointed by the clothes this year :(
Nobody blew me away at all, and some people were more soap awards than Oscars.

Emma Stone.
I love that she looks so casual and relaxed, very ''oh, this old thing? Yeah i just chucked this together'', anyone who can look that calm and collected on the Oscars red carpet gets my vote! I christen her, little miss low maintenance, and i love it.

Gwyneth Paltrow.
I LOVE the way her coat/cape/thingamy is just thrown over her shoulders casually, it's so Dynasty! I've seen the dress without the cape/coat/thingamy and it is so ''meh'', but with it, sartorial genius! Tom Ford, you're more than just a beautiful suit maker, your womenswear isn't bad either.

Rose Byrne.
 Gorgeous dress, shoes, hair and accessories...but i think the elephant in the room is how skinny she looks, i don't remember her being this slim in Bridesmaids? Maybe it's just the way she's standing but to me she looked a LOT better when she had a few more pounds on her tiny frame, she looks like a bobblehead.
But as for the dress, it's delightful, so shimmery and sparkly but still grown up and sophisticated, and from what i can see of those killer heels they're to diiiiie for, i just hope she filled up on canapes at the Oscar after parties.

Penelope Cruz.
And the princess of the night award goes tooo.....Penny! She looks like she's leapt straight out of a Disney film, the spitting image of Belle from Beauty & The Beast! Fairytale perfection.

Stacy Keibler.
What better time to rock some metallic gold than at the Oscars? George Clooney just better be careful the Best Actor winner doesn't try and take her home....and not only because they might mistake her for their Oscar, but because she looks red hot! 

Kristen Wiig.
I love this woman, funny, clever and super-stylish, she rarely puts a sartorial foot wrong! She always manages to make even the fluffiest, girliest dress look cool and edgy by keeping the lines clean and her hair low maintenance, stunning!

Now for some not-so award winning efforts!

Angelina Jolie.
Where is that leg coming from?! I don't know about you, but i think that looks like an incredibly uncomfortable stance! Even aside from the disjointed limb, the dress is all bunched up around her tiny waist, her skin has a very ill pallor about it and i've seen more meat on a butchers pencil than on her bones! Steer clear of the black Ange, it does you no favours.

Jennifer Lopez.
J-Lo, i get it, you're hot, your boyfriend is half your age, you're double my age and you have a much better body and you haven't aged since 1998, but please...put it away.

Sarah Hyland.
Why do these young Hollywood stars insist on dressing like they're 50 years old? This wouldn't even look good on a 50 year old, the only place it would look good is in the bin.

Who is your favourite, and least favourite?
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I really loved this post and I love seeing what they wore at events like this! You really made me chuckle a few times too, hehe! xx

    1. Haha aww thank you very much! I know, i like seeing posts like this one too, that's why i always enjoy doing them :)

  2. Love this post! Agree about the dresses, I thought they'd be a bit more WOW - loved Gwyneth's dress though!! x

    1. Thank you!! Yeah you always expect them to pull something spectacular out of the bag but i don't suppose it matters if they did, the only ones we remember are the awful ones like Bjorks swan dress or Celine Dions back to front tuxedo haha

  3. Kirsten is defiantly my favourite on here! Although Kelly Osbourne was my favourite overall.

    1. Yeah she always looks so boho but chic! Kelly's hair and outfit was great too yes :)

  4. love this post - Emma Stone... Does she ever get it wrong?! Good to see J-Lo is sticking to her usual style (I swear we've seen that dress before) lol x

    1. I think we've seen that dress on J-Lo at every single awards show she's been to since 1999 haha Emma looks so distinctive without being showy, you've got to love understated elegance

  5. I couldn't watch the awards so I love seeing these posts on my Dashboard!
    I love Kristin Wiig as well, I don't think many people could have pulled off that dress but it looks really good on her!

    I love, love, love Angelina Jolie but I really don't get the leg thing! Why haha?!?!


  6. I do think Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, but I didn't get the whole 'leg sticking out' thing either hahaha. There weren't very many dresses that stood out that much this year really, but I did think that Rooney Mara looked amazing :) x


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