Lush Bath Ballistic: Honey Bee!

Hello my sweets!
I used another one of my bath ballistics i received from my boyfriend for our anniversary the other day so here's my review of it :)
This is what the bath bomb looks like, obviously it's called Honey Bee so it would have to be yellow and stripy! But i think it's super cute, however my boyfriend actually bought me this one because one of our favourite songs as a couple is Honey Bee by Blake Shelton, it's such a sweet song and we both love singing it at the top of our voices when we're driving along in the car! And if anyone reading has watched the US version of The Voice then they'll know Blake Shelton is the!! Me and my boyf are big fans of him and his general cool dudeness.
Join us and sing along while you read the rest of this review!! :
Now for the pictures of the bath!
 It seemed to fizz for AGES, obviously because it's a biggie bath bomb! 
It smelt so lovely, like honey & lemon Lemsip, if anyone's tried them! 
No surprises in this one like hearts or stars, it was just a really relaxing treat for the bath that made my skin feel so soft! 
This one would be great for sensitive skin because it doesn't have as many tricks and gimmicks as other Lush bath bombs, but it's still just as treat-worthy! 
It left my bath this lovely gold/yellow colour, although the only downside i can find with this product is it left a bit of a ring round the bath haha, although a quick skim round with the shower and that's sorted! 
This is definitely something to use just before bed to maximise the treatness and make you ready to climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire :) 
This bath bomb is £3.10, link here.
Thanks for reading girlies! (and gents, if there's any out there!)

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  1. I LOVE Lush! this I have not tryed but I will.

  2. Loved this bath bomb! got one for my mum because she loves honey scents, and I had to get some more for myself!
    Your bf has some good taste! lucky girl :)

  3. I havent tried this one but it sounds lovely!


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