Lush Bath Ballistic: Sex Bomb!

Sex bomb, you're my sex bombbb...
In the words of the *ahem* sexy Tom Jones there, although i don't know if he was singing about this bath ballistic, but he easily could have been because it is a bit of a dish!
Isn't it pretty! Perfect for your significant other, boy or girl, because we all know secretly boys love a good bubble bath!
 It seemed to fizz forever! It smelt really flowery and lovely, very relaxing scent! I love the little flower soap that comes out of the middle as well, i found it made my skin really soft when i scooped it out the water and rubbed it over me until it dissolved :)
It sends the water such a lovely mid-pink colour, no glitter or anything comes spilling out of it though which is a bit of a shame, but i suppose you do get the little flower soap so i can't complain!
This is a massive bath bomb for just £3.10, perfect for showing your beau or belle how much you care or telling them that they're your sex bomb (or both!).
Purchase it at or in any good Lush retailer near you!

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  1. Oh my god, that water looks heavenly xxx

  2. Lush is just utterly lush!! <3

  3. super pretty, i love the floating flowers :) xx
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  4. Aw I love that it makes the water pink.. and they smell soo nice.. x

  5. Ooooh I will have to try this! I'm usually not a fan of bath bombs but I like the ones that fizz for a long time x

  6. lush is simply lush. lolage.

  7. I've used sex bomb a few times before and it never fails to amaze me every single time. I love the intesity of the pink - so COOL! And the flower petals at the end really are the cherry on the cake.
    Great post and pictures!
    Ayesha xx


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