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Hello there! 
I don't know about everyone else but during these Winter months my skin has been parched like a desert floor! 
And the thing that's suffered the most has been my poor little hands :( 
This is the first time that this has happened to my hands, maybe it's colder than it usually is or maybe my skin is getting dryer as i get older (please god no), anyway! I decided enough was enough and i should do something about it, after all i splash out on body butters and intensive conditioners so why should my hands get different treatment?! 
So these are the contenders! 

 This is a really gorgeous hand cream, as you can see from the picture of my hand, it sinks in immediately leaving no residue, makes your hands feel instantly softer and smells of shea butter and also faintly of cocoa butter. It's such a thick consistency too, it really feels like it's doing your hands good! 
Now for the downside, the price! For just 30ml this is a (i think) whopping £7.50! And that's on the cheapest site (Feel Unique) with free delivery, the rate i go through hand cream (i literally put it on about 5 times a day) i just can't justify this price :( Also one other downside (which is me being picky) is the lid is rather fiddly to unscrew and screw back on! 
Overview - A brilliant hand cream that instantly improves the look and feel of your hands without leaving behind any sort of residue, if you're not on a tight budget this is great for you, but for too pricey for me!
Score - 4/5.

 I got this in a gift pack about a year ago so this is just a 30ml trial size but it's more than enough to trial it out!
This is by far the runniest of the hand creams, and it takes forever to dry! You have to keep rubbing it in until finally there isn't any residue left behind, which can take agggges so i'm not impressed with this one.
Also it smells a bit ''grannyish'' if you know what i mean, like the kind of lotion you'd find in your nans bathroom.
It's just not for me at all, it has everything i wouldn't want in a hand cream! But it is anti-ageing which might appeal to older women, it claims to reduce fine lines on the hands in just two weeks, whether that's true or not i don't know! And it also contains an SPF15.
It's £10.50 for 75ml, which to me is FAR too much to pay for what it does, i wouldn't repurchase.
Overview - A lacklustre hand cream with a consistency that's far too liquid-ey for me, and a smell that's like my grandma's bathroom cabinet, but might be more suitable for the older woman.
Score - 2/5.

Now this is really a strange one! I expected it to be more of a cream like the other hand creams, but this one has more of a face primer-ish consistency! Like a gel rather than a cream, really quite bizarre! It's very sticky once it's rubbed in and takes quite a while to dry, plus as you can see from above it leaves a white residue on your hand once it's rubbed it, rather odd! The smell was pretty inoffensive, although a little bit too chemical for me.
This is the cheapest option i tried, only £3.52 in Superdrug.
Overview - A hand cream like no other i've ever tried! And not in a good way, the weird gel consistency made it take an age to sink in and it still left a film of grease behind when it did, might be good if you don't like the feeling of creams though and want to try something different, but not for me! 
Score - 1/5.

 As the classic Vanessa Williams song goes, i've gone and saved the best until last!
This is by a long chalk my favourite hand cream of all these four! I'll start with the scent, it smells of shea butter and faintly of sweet marshmallows, but definitely not too sweet to be sickly.
It makes your hands look and feel instantly better, much like the L'Occitane except waaay cheaper!! 
It sinks in before you know it, you don't have to wait at all, it's pretty much immediate, and you don't need much to cover both your hands.
I got this small 50ml one from eBay to try, and you can buy it from Boots for £2.35, which is over a fiver cheaper than the L'Occitane one, except for 20ml more product! and a full size 125ml (whopper!) one from Boots is only £4.85, i've got one of these on order now too, i'll keep the big one in my bedroom and pop the 50ml in my bag for on the go touch ups! The only thing i can say that's remotely negative about this is that the L'Occitane is a bit thicker, which i prefer, but that in no way puts me off buying this one instead because it delivers such brilliant results for such a teeeeeny price! 
Overview - A top class hand cream for a low class price! Everything from the packaging to the product gets an A+ from me! Soap & Glory, you're the bomb.com.
Score - 5/5!!

Any recommendations for hand creams that i must try? I'm always willing to try even if i do think none will better my lovely Soap & Glory wonder product :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I also suffer with terrible dry hands ATM :(
    I'm using L'Occitane and trying out a Bliss one from a gift set. Can't say it's better just yet but I'm liking it so far

  2. I'm another sufferer of dry hands, pretty much all year round aha. I adore S&G Hand Food and swear by it! Such great value and the best hand cream I've ever used x

  3. The L'Occatainne looks by far the most luxurious and so it should be for that price lol!! You can never fail with Soap&Glory, even if the cream was crap I think the smell would make up for it, I love the smell mmmmm!!




  4. neutrogena's norwegian formula is my favorite- it smells so good and always hydrates my hands well xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  5. I love the look of the Hand Mix by S&G, heard so much about this product. Very tempted to use :)


  6. ooo I've been wanting to try the hand mix for agess, but at the moment I use avon hand care complex which helps my nails too xxx

  7. My fave is L'Occitaine but as you said its quite pricey! Nice think consistency though, it does actually keep my hands nice & soft! xx


  8. I really like the looks of the Hand Food by Soap & Glory! I just discovered your blog, will you check out mine? www.blogspot.com/claireelaina09


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