Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend!

I'll drink to that, yeaaahh!
Although to be honest, i'll drink to pretty much anything :) haha.
Thought i'd fill you all in on my weekend!
In the day i went for a shopping trip in Middlesbrough with my boyfriend, i didn't take any pictures when we were out and about but i did do a FOTD before i left;
Foundation -  The Eraser by Maybelline. Eyes - MUA Heaven and Earth palette, Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara. Cheeks - MUA blusher in shade 4, W7 blush in Angel & Maxfactor bronzer in Golden. Lips - Collection 2000 lipstick in Orange Punch.
I LOVE this colour, it's so orange it's almost red, if you get what i mean?! haha, such a gorgeous pop of colour for a sunny day :) And as you can see, i've been on the St Moriz tanning mousse, i <3 a tan!!
I only bought a lint roller (anyone who has cats will understand these are a MUST, black clothes + cat hairs = LINT ROLLER NEEDED haha), a black vest and the dress you'll see me wearing in later pictures :)
On Saturday night i went out with my best friends Emma and Frances, we intended to have a classy cocktail night but safe to say we ended up dancing to Vengaboys in a less than classy pub and drinking from a fishbowl by midnight!! 
FOTD first;
Same foundation and cheeks as before. Eyes - Heaven and Earth palette and Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner, with Eylure double lashes. Lips - 17 Supreme Shine lipstick in Barely Blush.
And now some fun pics!
 My dress is from Primark and it was a bargain-oso at only £6!! I have this dress in black too, it's gorgeous, be perfect for summer and really pops with a tan :)
Then today (Sunday) i just chilled really! Was up and about really early and me and my boyfriend drove to McDonalds and bought a sausage and egg mcmuffin (LUSH) then I popped into town and bought some cake mix to do some baking with, helped by my boyfriend.
Aren't you impressed by our baking SKILLZ? Course you are, you're only human....;)
How was your weekend? Comment below telling me what you got upto :)
Hope you're all well!

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  1. Love your daytime FOTD - I love a good orange lippie! Cake looks deeeelish as well. I got the Great British Bake Off book for Christmas and just haven't had the time/equipment at uni to make anything! It's gonna be Easter macarons all the way next month, though.

  2. You sooooo suit that pink colour, the Barely Blush one! Really pretty!
    And I'm well jel of your skills ahaha

  3. You look gorgeous!! And the lipstick is lovely, such a great colour. Your skills are impressive, I burn things! :3

  4. You look so great with those eye lashes on! very pretty xxx

  5. Wow love your makeup (and your friends and you are so pretty!). I want your eyebrows!


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