Lush Bubble Bar: Magic Mushroom!

Hello fellow shroom lovers!
Only of the bubble bar variety of course!
This is a really cute red and white spotted mushroom which has a strawberry and vanilla scent!
This was limited edition for Valentines Day, i don't think you can still get it which is a shame but there's always next year!
I used about a third of the bubble bar in the bath (as shown in the first picture!) and to be honest the amount of bubbles was disappointing :( They were gorgeous fluffy bubbles, and the water went a nice light red colour but the amount of bubbles was just a let down for me! and the facts they had disappeared completely after i'd been in the bath for about ten minutes :( It smelt gorgeous though, if you're a fan of warm vanilla scents (like little old me!) i'd definitely recommend this :) just maybe use half the bubble bar to get a substantial amount.
 These are £2.45 each so pretty cheap for a bubble bar!
Thanks for reading munchkins!!

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  1. I was going to get this, but chose melting marshmallow instead. I'm gutted its a Limited Edition! :(

    1. You might still be able to get it in some Lush stores but i'm not sure :( its really lovely but just a disappointing amount of bubbles!

  2. It is really cute. I always love how lush products smell.

  3. All lush products are so gorgeous and smell heavenly! Yum :)! X

  4. Aww I hate when the bubbles disappear so quickly, such a let down! I've bought this in February but haven't tried it yet x

  5. Oooh I love this, the bath looks amazing! Makes me feel really sorry for myself as we don't have a bathtub and I have to make do with showering :( x

  6. That just looks so cute!! Gutted you can only get them for Valentines :( Love your blog! xx


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