My Nail Lacquer Lust List!

Bonjour mon petit-pois!!
Any regular readers of my blog will know that i have a problem, and that problem is nail varnishes! I have WELL over 100, but i still want more! So this is a list of the polishes that are tooting my horn, and most likely finding their way into my virtual shopping basket, right now! 

If you've read the Hunger Games books hopefully you will know what a brilliant trilogy they are, i really enjoyed them, they hooked me so much i read them in about 2 days each!! 
So obviously mix Hunger Games with China Glaze and i'm a very happy bunny! 
The colours were a bit of a disappointment to me actually, there's a decent orange glitter but i already have one of them from W7, and a cool glitter topcoat, but i don't need another one of them! haha but this gorgeous shimmery taupe colour is unusual and also sophisticated, i love it!

Lots of people have talked about this nail varnish in the blog world, it's basically a holographic silver glitter! Glitters are notoriously sparse and take forever to layer up so i'd recommend layering this over a silver nail varnish so you don't have to use as many layers of this to make it opaque :) I'm not a massive fan of Models Own nail varnishes, they chip too easily, but the glitters are decent.

I love 17 cosmetics, they're so affordable and great quality and the new Spring colours are so pretty!
As far as i can see there's 3 of them, a pearly pink colour, a metallic peach and this gorgeous zesty lime colour! It has a shimmer running through it when it's on the nail and is perfect for Spring/Summer, let the sun shine!

I've got such a THING for pastels at the moment, i just bought a pale pink from Collection 2000 but i think this one from Barry M would be a better formula, as much as i love Collection 2000 nail polishes you just can't beat Barry M!!

I know these Muppets nail varnishes have been out ages, and i do have Rainbow Connection which i LOVE, but i still haven't got round to buying the ones that i want.
This is a gorgeous red glitter with some silver and holographic glitter running through it, really eye catching!

Isn't this just the prettiestttttt? <3
Fine purple/pink glitter with large bits of silver glitter running through it, like most glitters it would take a while to build it up but you could always put it over a purple nail varnish :)

I've seen swatches of this and it is one of the glitteriest glitters i've ever seen!! So pretty.
As you've probably gleaned, i have a bit of a softness for glitter haha.

I'm a bit of a coral obsessive so as you can imagine, i love this! I don't own many Revlon nail varnishes but the ones i do i really like the formulas of.

Accessorize nail varnishes are my favourite formula ever! Plus the colours are really innovative, lot's of duochromes and glitters.
My friend has this glitter and it's so pretty on her, i've coveted it for ages!!

Which nail varnishes are on your must have list at the moment? :)
Thanks for reading cream buns!!

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