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When i've been in Primark lately (and that's quite a lot, I am a shopaholic after all!) i keep noticing the new Primark Beauty range, they do eyeshadows, lipglosses and nail varnishes and, of course, the nail varnishes are what kept catching my eye! (although there is some gorgeous glitter eyeshadows but i've got a feeling that the pigmentation would be awful, but i might try them at some point, knowing me!) 
They do a set of nude/gold ones with a glitter topcoat, a set of neon colours and the one that i've bought;
A pretty set of Spring pastels!! Everything your nail wardrobe needs for this sweltering weather we're having :)
This is a gorgeous mid purpley-blue hue, i really like it! I've had a nail varnish similar to this before, but that's only because i've got about 150 nail varnishes, i think this is a very rare type of colour and not many people would own one like it! Unfortunately they don't have names for the individual colours but i christen this one ''Purple Rain'', just because it reminds me of the colour of a stormy night!

This is a super cute mint green colour! Everyone should own this colour for Spring, it's so perfect, it just screaaaams ''beer garden in the sunshine'' or ''leisurely stroll in the park''.
It's not too bright either unlike some mint greens so if you're a bit afraid of bright colour this is the perfect way to dip your toe into the trend! I christen this colour ''Mint Choc Chip Icecream''.

I have quite a few pale pinks but this one is a bit different to them all, it has a slightly bright undertone than all the others making it more ''zingy'' than your average pale pink, which might not be to everyones taste but it is to mine! This shall be named ''Popping Pink''!

This is a really hard colour to explain! It's somewhere between a raspberry pink, a magenta pink and a coral! Really quite unusual, but lovely all the same.
It would look so good with a tan! It's a little bit draining on paler skin but maybe if you have longer nails than my little stumps it could still work well!
I nickname this ''Raspberry Jam''!

I must say i think my favourite is the pale pink, something about it is very appealing to me!
I have to be honest, i didn't hold out much hope for these nail varnishes, i thought the formula would be thin and it would take forever to build up, but how wrong i was!
Shows how sometimes these on-a-whim purchases can pay off!
The formula is thick, as thick as some brands that are triple the price, and colours such a ''Raspberry Jam'' and ''Purple Rain'' were opaque in one coat! But obviously the paler ones needed two coats, which is still brilliant for pale nail varnishes! I have a Nails Inc nail varnish (Warwick Avenue) that's a pale pink and it takes me literally 6 coats to get it opaque and true to the bottle so these are phenomenal!
I've had them on a day so far and they haven't chipped, without a topcoat, the only thing i would say is drying time is a little bit longer due to the thickness of the formula, but as long as you're either patient or use a quick drying top coat you'll be sound as a pound!
Speaking of pounds, as you can see on the front of the box, these only cost £2 for 4 polishes, which is such superb value!
To round up, i would definitely recommend these to anyone, they're perfect for this season and i can't wait to get my hands on some other colours (I'm thinking the neon ones next!).
Will you be looking out for these in Primark?
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. All the colors are very pretty and perfect for spring.

    1. They are! i'll definitely be wearing them when the sun is shining :)

  2. I've been wanting to try these but was worried cos they were so cheap! I'm defienetly going to give them a go now! Fab review!

    Katie x

    1. Thank you!
      Yes definitely try them, they were a revelation!

  3. will keep my eye on it. For £2 how can I not? That'll be stupid of me :D Lovely shades for spring.

  4. Love all four of the colours and for £2 you can't go wrong! I need to get some of those! :)

    1. Definitely keep your eyes open for them, they're worth triple the money! :)

  5. oooh I got given the gold ones and their lovely, gonna have to try these ones out however they're much nicer colours!

    1. I saw your review on them yes! That's what spurred me on to buy these :)

  6. These are lovely colours! I don't really go to Primark that often but I'll have to get these since they are SO cheap!

  7. I have the Primark glitter ones but I never seen this! Going to get these ones, they're so cute!
    By the way, mentioned you in my last post - hope you don't mind!


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