China Glaze Prismatic NOTD!

Hellooo my glitter bugs! 
I wanted to show you all this amaaazing nail varnish i just bought from eBay, i literally can't stop looking at it and i took about 50 pictures of it!
Before i ramble on about it, here's some of the best pictures i took :)
 I needed a black background to show the green in it so my cat was it :)
This is from the Prismatic range from China Glaze, in the shade Optical Illusion.
I checked out the swatches of all of them before i purchased and this one just stood out by a mile!
It shifts from green to silver to lilac to a cacophony of multi-coloured glitter!
The coverage you can see above is about 3-4 coats, because i like my glitter nice and dense, but this isn't a problem for me because it dries SO quickly, that's the advantage of glitter polishes!
It's nice and shiny but still doesn't have the gloss i would like so i put my new Miss Sporty top coat over the top and it's really sealed it on and made it feel super smooth too, because these kind of polishes have a tendency to be a bit rough feeling on the nail.
As you can see from the close up pictures there's a mix of red, orange, green, yellow and pink glitter in there too, just gorgeous!
I've had this on only one day so far but so far, no tip wear or chips! The real test will be to see if it lasts after work tomorrow though, work really puts my nail varnish through the ringer! haha.
This polish was only £2.48 with £2.79 P&P, i got it shipped from America (NYC to be exact!) but it only took 9 days to arrive, which is amazing for a overseas item!
This was from the seller beautyzone2007, check her out she's great!
Hope you enjoyed this NOTD, do you think it's beautiful or is it not your type of thing?
Let me know!
Hope you've all had a cracking weekend :)

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  1. I love how you used your cat for a backdrop :P! The polish looks gorgeous, I usually layer a sparkly polish over a more opaque colour but with this I would wear it how you did. It's such a bargain too xx

    1. haha she didn't love it so much ;) Yeah same here! i love eBay for buying nail varnishes, so much cheaper!

  2. I recently bought some China Glaze from this seller on ebay too. Was really impressed with the service. This polish looks amazing, its definitely going on my shopping list for my next order!


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