Cosmetic Showdown! Loreal Rouge Caresse VS Revlon Lip Butter.

Hello there my chim-chim-cheree's!
I know you've probably seen a bazillion and one posts about these two products, but i just HAVE to do one, it's a necessity! 
I'm gonna dive right into it because i don't want this to be too rambley (fat chance!!).

I'm going to start with the Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks, because they haven't been QUITE as hyped!
The colours i bought are Impulsive Fuchsia and Aphrodite Scarlet:
First off, i lovelovelove the packaging! So slick and expensive looking, it's a see-through tube with a almost mother of pearl/pearlescent look to it, they have the colour of the product on either end of it which is handy, and you can also see inside which is very handy because sometimes the product colour can differ slightly from the colour advertised on the outside!
 The top one is Aphrodite Scarlet and as you can see it's a bit more matte than Impulsive Fuchsia, which has a  gorgeous, subtle shimmer running through it.
The size of the Loreal Rouge Caresse bullet is quite small and round, a perfect size and shape for ease of application, i don't even need a mirror to apply this because it's so easy!
Now for the swatches!
This is Aphrodite Scarlet on my hand, as you can see it's quite a sheer wash of colour, but definitely buildable, and it isn't really scarlet, more of a mid-pink.
It gives such a pretty, subtle look to the lips, perfect for Spring as it's really light and wearable.
All my lip swatches are just one swipe of the bullet, to show you the pigmentation of these products.

Even though this swatch is a bit crappy (i did them in a bit of a rush!) you can see that Impulsive Fuchsia is a more intense wash of colour, one swipe and you have a perfect pink lip!
As you can see it's pretty blue-toned, which makes your teeth look gleeeeaming white! I wore this on Sunday for my bank holiday night out, and i did have to reapply it quite a lot, probably once an hour, but that's to be expected from a sheer, moisturising product like this! I only reapplied it so much because i wanted to keep the glossy look to my lips as well, but when the glossiness fades away you're still left with your lips stained a pretty pink colour, in fact they were still stained after i took all my makeup off the next day, which is impressive!
And reapplying really isn't a problem when a product is this easy to apply, i could just whip it out while i was stood at the bar and quickly slick it on :).

Gorgeous, luxe packaging, but this product is just as pretty on the inside as the outside! 
Great range of colours, i believe there's ten in total, quite a lot of brights and a few essential nude shades.
Formula is glossy and moisturising, i have pretty dry lips and these don't cling to dry spots at all.
These are £7.99 from Boots, which is admittedly a bit steep but i reckon these will last a long time and Boots are currently running a 3 for 2 so it's your perfect chance to pick up a few!

Now the much hyped Revlon Lip Butters! 
 I got these in the shades Strawberry Shortcake (which was actually sent to me in a giveaway from Bow Tied Beauty, thank you!!) and Tutti-Frutti, because i'm a sucker for corals!
The packaging on these isn't as much of a hit for me as the Loreal Rouge Caresse, it's cute and i like the quilted design but for me it looks too cheap, it's nice that it's colour coordinated to the product inside but i'd rather it was more substantial plastic, rather than this flimsy feeling plastic.
 The bullets on these are bigger than the Loreal Caresse ones, making it harder to apply on the go because it's bigger than your actual lips, so it's easier to go over the lip line.
These are both glossy shades, but with no shimmer running through them in my opinion.
I don't have a swatch of Strawberry Shortcake on my hand because it's so light pink that it just looked nonexistent!
But Tutti-Frutti is a really pretty and wearable coral as you can see :).
I loveeee this colour! It's really fun for Spring/Summer and such a change from the usual pink and reds i  usually wear, it's great for nights out too!
The formula of these is different to the Loreal Rouge Caresse completely!
This is more like its name, a butter, it's thicker and creamier and also wayyy more pigmented in one swipe than Loreal!

Strawberry Shortcake is a lovely colour for everyday, makes me feel so girly and feminine!
This one's a little bit patchy with one swipe as you can see, but that's only because it's quite light so it takes a little bit of working with the bullet to make it even because of its creamy texture.
There are more shades, 14 in total, and they're the same price as the Loreal lipsticks in Boots, plus they're also in the 3 for 2, scoree!

The packaging is cute, but slightly more garish and cheap looking than i would have liked from a relatively expensive product.
These are such a yummy, buttery texture, like nothing i've ever tried before!
These are definitely more pigmented than the Loreal lipsticks, so if you like more of a pop of colour then i'd say these are for you, particularly shades like Tutti-Frutti and Lollipop, which are majorrrr colour poppage!!

So who's the winner?!
It's hard to even compare the two because of the differing textures but i would say that i personally prefer Loreal Rouge Caresse, even though it has less shade variety than Revlon Lip Butters, the combination of the amazing packaging, the super moisturising formula and the ease of application all mean that they're my go-to product of the moment!
That's not to say i don't love the Lip Butters though, i've heard people say they can be a bit drying in formula but i haven't found that, i think they're super creamy and definitely worth a try if you're a martyr to your dry lips like i am, all i would say to Revlon is, improve your packaging and reduce the size of the bullet to make it easier to apply!
Why not pick up a couple of the Loreal Rouge Caresse and a Revlon Lip Butter in Boots 3 for 2 while the offer's still on?! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Which is your favourite out of the two?
Thanks for reading honey-buns!!

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  1. love love love this post! I'm currently making a wishlist of which lip butters and caresse lipsticks to buy and this really helped :) xxx

    1. Thank you!! I'd really recommend Impulsive Fuchsia and Tutti-Frutti :)

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

  3. I keep eyeing up both of these just can't decide which brand to go with!! Love the pink shades on you!


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