Lush Bubble Bar: The Carrot!

Tiiiiime for another Lush review!! 
I won this one from Sabrina over at A Little Obsessed, so a big thank you to her!
As you can's a carrot! It's one of the Easter limited editions but as far as i know it's still available, it is online anyway :)
You're supposed to hold it by the green stalks and swish it under a running tap and it creates lots of lovely jubbly bubblies!!
 The bubbles are lovely and soft, it would take you a while to get mountains of them but you get a decent amount!
It sends the water this lovely peach colour, which is a nice added extra, it didn't make my skin feel particularly soft though, but as it's a bubble bar i'll let them off because i usually associate the bath ballistics with making my skin feel soft.
It has a subtle grass-like scent, which is really unusual! But not unpleasant, don't get me wrong :)
The only negative i can think of though is that after you've used it, and it's soaking wet, where do you store it!? I put it on a muslin cloth on the floor of my airing cupboard which dried it up, but it seems like a bit of a pain! 
This is £4.95 from, which is not bad considering how much use you'd get out of it! 
Thanks for reading!!
Hope you have a ''Lush'' weekend! See what i did there? ;)

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  1. that is such a fun product! the bubbles look kind of iridescent- so pretty!

    Jordan xx
    - Boho Vanity Giveaway -

  2. I got this recently and I was a little disappointed with it. I loved the idea of it but I think I prefer the regular bubble bars. More bubbles plus none of the annoying drying time! I also found that after two uses, the stalk came away from the carrot and it dropped into the bath!!


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