March Favourites!

Hello there my mad March hares!!
Hope you've all had a brilliant month, mines been pretty jam-packed but still had plenty of time to acquire some shiny new favourites! 
I haven't done a favourites post in a while i don't think, i always forget and by the time i remember it's halfway through the month so seems pointless!
My first favourite is a pretty frequent entry....
I'm including these especially this month because i've had a few more nights out than usual and these make me feel so much more glamorous and ready to par-TAY *cringe*.
I got these from New Look for only a fiver! But they don't stock them on the website unfortunately but you should definitely have a look in your local New Look because it's a saving of almost 3 squid!!
I was SO tempted by the Katy Perry double lashes, which were £1 more, but they looked a bit dense and, dare i say it, TOO fake for even me! But know me i'll pick them up before long haha.

I'm so surprised i haven't mentioned this before because my boyfriend bought me it literally months ago! i've just never got round to reviewing it or anything, it is of course, the almighty Tangle Teezer! I'd been looking at this for ages in Boots but it was always too expensive, over a tenner for the cheapest one! (Although the link i've given you above is for Amazon, who're selling it for only £8.85! barrrrrgain) but luckily my boyfriend is a sweetie and he bought it for me one day as a surprise :)
I wanted it because my hair has been pretty bad condition and now it's getting back to normal i wanted a brush that was kind to it and didn't tug it all out, and wowaweewaaa, this is it!!
It glides through your hair like a hot knife through butter, my hairs condition has really improved since i started using this! When i use a normal comb or brush now it really hurts my head, more than ever, i think it might be because i'm so used to this not hurting at all! 

Pastel nail varnishes, i <3 you!
I've really been obsessed with them the past month, as i know most people have been in the UK, because of the warm weather we've been having!
These would have to be my favourite pastels, starting with Rimmel Lycra Pro in Peppermint, these are my favourite brand of nail varnishes, such a good formula, long lasting and easy to apply! This particular colour is so gorgeous and fresh, it'll really zazz up any outfit, then there's Collection 2000 (or Collection as i believe they're now called?!) Hot Looks in Candy Floss, i really wanted a perfect pastel pink and to be honest, this probably isn't it haha, the formula is usually brill on these Hot Looks nail varnishes but i think because the colours so light it's just a bit patchy so it takes quite a few coats, but nevertheless, once it's on it's gorgeous, and so girly! Then my two gorgeous Barry M nail varnishes, one in Blueberry Ice Cream and the other in Berry Ice Cream, these have to be my favourite colours out of these 4, so Spring-ey and pastel-ish and cute-ness!

And because you need a break from pastels sometimes, here's my favourite brights of the month! I LOVE this zesty, bright green, it's Spring Green from Barry M and it looks so great with an all black or all dark outfit with just this pop of colour :) and the other one is this beautiful coral/pink colour, you've probably seen this one on a few blogs because i know i have, it's another Collection Hot Looks in Fruit Salad, unlike the other Hot Looks i mentioned this one is a great formula, opaque in two coats and long lasting.

 I LOVE this perfume, I know a lot of people are a bit snobby about celebrity scents but i think people are missing out! Because some of the nicest perfumes i've come across have been celebrity scents, Katy Perry - Purr, Britney Spears - Fantasy, even good old Justin Bieber has a (admittedly surprisingly) good perfume out!  People just need to open their minds and start spraying i say, now, stepping off my soap box....
Heat by Beyonce is right up my street fragrance-wise, i love warm and strong scents and this ticks both of those boxes, it lasts for ages as well, and i mean on the skin AND in the bottle, so is great value for money!

Now this must look like a really weird picture, and i'm sure a lot of you will think it's a really weird choice too, but i literally can't live without tan tights in the summertime!! My legs are just not upto scratch basically, they always look a bit blotchy, especially after shaving, so i don't feel comfortable having them out, so in comes the tan tights! I know it's very Kate Middleton but hey-ho, she did end up marrying a Prince!!
They make my legs look slimmer and more tanned too, but for when i'm pale i buy some really cheap pale ones from Sainsburys Basics line which just make my legs look flawless, but not tanned, if you get what i mean?!
The Basics ones are about £2 for 5 pairs, and the ones above are Primark and they're £3 for 4 pairs :)

I can't describe how much i love these shampoos/conditioner! It's SO good, even if i just use the shampoo i feel like i've conditioned my hair, so you can imagine how soft my hair feels when i use the mask too!! I don't own the normal conditioner yet but i'm definitely going to buy it! Obviously Herbal Essences smells amazing, and these are no exception, but what i also love about them is that they're ALWAYS on offer, somewhere! Last week it was Sainsburys (they might still be half price in Sainsburys actually, check it out!) and the week before that it was Superdrug and this week it's Wilkinsons! Although i don't think too many people have a Wilkinsons near them but if you do take a trip down there for definite because this line of shampoo/conditioner has turned my hair around! Made it so much glossier and my ends are definitely improved!

Just because it's Easter, they're on buy 1 get 2 free (yeah, you heard me, TWO free!) in Sainsburys so go onnnn, the more chocolate the better!
Hope you've enjoyed and i haven't rambled too much (i know i have!).
See you in my next post :D

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  1. i definitely want to try the tangle teaser! i could so use that for my curly hair in the shower. thanks for sharing that.
    i love beyonce heat too, it smells amazing :)

    Jordan xx
    - Boho Vanity Blog -

    1. You should! It's made such a difference to my hair it's unreal, i never knew how much my hairbrush/comb pulled until i bought this!

  2. I have head great things abut those eye lashes and I must try them.
    Great favorites.


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