Mini Boots Haul!

Hello girls (and boys, if you're here!).
I had a little shop yesterday so i thought i'd share my buys with you, there's only a few but i know how much i love reading hauls so thought i'd do it anyway!

I got these three Miss Sporty nail varnishes, the lilac is called Grape Fit (cute name!) and the bright pink/coral colour is called Tangerine Fatal, but the middle one is the coolio-est product ever! 
It is a UV reactive top coat, so far so scientific, but it's actually very simple! You just paint it over any nails like you would a normal top-coat and under UV light they glow in the dark! I found a great post with a picture to demonstrate what i mean, so go and check out Best Tressed for an example :)
I can't wait to try this out on Friday when i go on a night out, i'll try and remember to take a picture for you all :)
This is a swatch of Grape Fit:
This is with the Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch top coat over the top, i'll be doing a seperate NOTD of this look for a closer look.
And Tangerine Fatal:
Excuse the sloppy paint job, but isn't this a gorgeous colour?! So perfect for Summer, think this would look gorgeous with a glitter top coat too!
These were all £1.99 and, as you all know i'm sure, Boots is doing a 3 for 2 across most items at the moment so i got one of them free!
I can't rave enough about Miss Sporty nail varnishes, so cheap, the formulas great, and they keep their colours fashion forward and are always changing them, good show Miss Sporty!.

My boyfriend also surprised me by sneaking off to the till when i wasn't looking and buying me this Revlon Lip Butter! He knows i love them because i'm always raving about them and he saw me salivating over Candy Apple but i couldn't afford to buy it, so he snuck off to buy it for me, yay :D
It's SO gorgeous:
 Prettyprettypretty <3
This is one coat of the Lip Butter, and it gives such good colour pay off! You wouldn't be able to apply this without a mirror though, much like the other Lip Butters i mentioned in my comparison post between these and Loreal Rouge Caresse, because it's a bit too pigmented and messy, but it's such a lovely rosy, light red colour, i reeeally love it!
These are £7.99.

I also got these facial wipes, not from Boots but from Wilkinsons for £1.30, i usually buy Johnsons facial wipes which are amaaazing, but i thought i'd give these a go and they're disappointing :( the wipes aren't moist enough and you need quite a few to get all your makeup off, so back to Johnsons i go!!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. great buys hun :D I think ive had that lilac polish before.. xx

    1. It's been out a while so probably! Thanks :)

  2. I want a revlon lip butter so much! Love the grape polish!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. You should definitely get one, they may be a bit pricey but they're really great!

  3. Those colours look gorgeous! Xx

    1. They are, still some of my faves!

    2. Haha:) would love if you would check out my blog:D xxx


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