Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards : Best Dressed!

Hello my dearies!
I've really enjoyed looking at all the fun outfits from this weekends Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards so i thought i'd do a post on them, no worst dressed this time though because let's face it, this is an awards show where gunge is fashionable!!

Katy Perry.
 What can we expect from the queen of kooky apart from a outfit made of slime?!
This top is SO cool! It looks like it's made of those jelly aliens that all the children had when i was a youngster (holla me if you know what i mean! they were the best!!) and the rest of her outfit is just as cute, i don't care what anyone else says, i think she rocks the blue hair! 

Victoria Justice.
I love this super-cute short suit! It's such a fun colour and it's really refreshing to see a young girl dressing like a young girl instead of a 40 year old stripper for once! & the Valentino shoes, wow <3.

Brad Kavanagh & Ana Mulvoy Ten.
I have no idea who these two beautiful creatures are but they certainly know how to dress! 
I would wear her outfit anyday, and it's not often you can say that about a famous persons style haha, and i'd love it if my boyfriend dressed like him ;)

Alyson Stoner.
Again, i've nooo idea who she is but i admire her for rocking this dress like a tangerine dream! 
It's a ballsy move to show up wearing the same colour as the carpet you're about to walk on but she makes sure she stands out in this gorgeous Grecian gown and chunky gold jewelry.

One Direction.
How proud are we of these boys?! I don't think any of us could have imagined they'd take the States by the storm that they have but i for one hope they continue to get bigger!! I'm loving this All-American-Boy look they're rocking.
Louis is still my favourite but, is it just me, or is Niall looking finer by the day?!

Who was your best dressed?
Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. When I saw Katy Perrys outfit I straight away thought of them aliens! ha
    They all look amazing!
    Jess x x

  2. ahh Katy looks so scary haha everyone else looks lovely though, particularly one direction :P xxx

  3. Katy Perry's outfit is pretty amazing, haha!

  4. Katy Perry's outfits are always so fun! Great blog xx


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