Review: Diorskin Nude Foundation.

Hiya guys and gals!
I got a couple of samples of this foundation and thought i'd do a review because i hardly ever do any foundation reviews on my blog, and this is one that a lot of people might not have thought about trying!
Firstly, this is their claim as to what the foundation does for your skin;
Containing nearly 40% water, this fluid foundation offers an instant sensation of well-being. Skin appears fresher, silky and feels more comfortable.
Thanks to micro-droplets of water, this foundation’s coverage is lighter than a “classic” fluid formula, and it evens out the complexion and makes it appear more radiant and transparent.

All sounds very good! 
This is what the bottle looks like;
Very classy, and simple, i'd probably like it to be a bit more fancy for the price!
Now brace yourself, and if you're of a nervous disposition i recommend looking away now...i'm about to show you a makeup-less picture of me;
Ok, it's safe to look back now!
If you have been brave enough to look at my makeup-less face then you will see i have redness around my nose and cheeks, freckles (which i quite like, i know some people don't like theirs!) and dark circles under my eyes, grim!
And here's me after i applied the foundation (with a sponge applicator),
 This is in the shade ''Light Beige''.
As you can see it's evened out my skintone, eliminated redness apart from a few pimples that need some concealer over them (all i have on my face is the foundation, no concealers or powder), and it did quite an impressive job of disguising my dark circles on it's own!
The colour is a bit too yellow for my liking though, i have naturally pink-toned skin so when i'm pale (ie. not fake tanned) i prefer to have a foundation that has the same tones in it.
The formula is pretty runny, that must be something to do with it being 40% water, it was pretty hard to work with but i will say that a little goes a long way!
This was my finished makeup look;
 It gives a really nice flawless look once the rest of your makeup has been applied, but unfortunately this doesn't last :(
After about 4 hours it was becoming patchy around the jawline and forehead and felt quite heavy on the skin, which is basically the opposite of what it promises!
This foundation is £31 in Boots for 30ml, over £1 per 1ml!
I have dry skin and this still made me feel a bit oily, so i can't imagine that it would be great for oily skin!
Plus the scent is quite distinct, it smells a bit like paint, which isn't very pleasant.
Overall, as you can tell, i'm not impressed, i think your £31 would be better spent buying 3 drugstore foundations instead!
I'm sure other people have loved this foundation, such as celebrities Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman that have endorsed this product, but it just didn't work for me at all, and i gave it a proper go, trying it 3 days in a row.
Have you tried this? Did you enjoy it? :)
Happy Monday night! I'm off to watch Hollyoaks and the Corrie double bill in my pjs :)

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  1. Always fancied this one! must try!
    Great Review!


  2. It gives a nice effect, shame it didn't last :( although you have perfect skin anyway!! I love your blusher :) xxx

    KAtharine from

  3. Thanks for this .. I think the most important thing for me is long-lasting. I hate it when it wears off and you've still got all afternoon to get through!

  4. I looks nice but if it doesn't last that's a no no for me. Can't imagine it would fare well on my oily skin either :-(

  5. you have amazing skin without makeup! x

  6. great review, your skin looks lovely :) xxx


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