Best (& Worst) Dressed at the Met Gala 2012!

Hello there sherbet dib-dabs!!
I've been waiting with bated breath for this day, the day that all the celebrities in the worldddd (all the good ones anyway) put on their gladdest of gladrags and sashay down the reddest of red carpets! 
The only fashion day that outshines The Oscars, The Met Gala!!
Anyone who is anyone was there, and i'm about to show you the best dressed (IMO) from last night and some of the people who should hang their heads in shame, sartorial shame (the worst kind).

Rooney Mara.
Has anyone ever seen this girl in a nice, feminine frock?!
But why change a winning formula i suppose, she does this gothic-chic so well! I love the intricate lace and leather on this dramatic Givenchy gown, plus her make-up is flawless and striking, pale really can be interesting!

Nina Dobrev.
 Check out that traaaain! It's a stunner!
This Donna Karen gown manages to be both glitzy and girly, Nina is always so well dressed whenever i see pictures of her, i'm surprised she's not a more popular style icon! Also a cheeky bit of side boob as well as some sexy-back going on makes for a minxy little number, meow.

Carey Mulligan.
Helloooo shimmery, gorgeous mermaid lady! 
Isn't this one of the most stunning creations you've ever seen?! All those gorgeous gold and silver paillettes make her look like the most glamorous fish in all the land (in a good way).
Not a fan of the shoes, a bit wedding-y but who's really going to pay much attention to them anyway with all this lushness going on! Her hair and makeup perfectly compliment her Prada dress too, round of applause for Carey!

 Who let a python loose on the red carpet?!?
Oh no, don't panic, it's just Rihanna.
Only Rihanna could make looking like an oil slick, sexy!
LOVE her with black hair, going back to her hair colour circa the umbrella-ella-ella era (arguably the best Rihanna era), those nails are FIERCE and her refreshingly natural face is lovely!
This Tom Ford creation fits her like a glove, well done Rihanna!

Florence Welch.
 Doesn't this Alexander McQueen dress just make you want to twirl and twirl until you throw up?! No? Just me? Ok.....
Florence doesn't usually make it onto my best dressed list because she's quite...alternative, which isn't a bad thing but most of the time she goes too far.
But i love this frothy, petal covered beauty! Her shoes are killer and i LOVE her with a fringe, suits her so much more than when she has a centre parting, far too severe for her face.

Anja Rubik.
I'll bet the other guests weren't too happy when Anja used up all the toilet roll making herself a dress, tut tut! 
Also, it seems her hipbone is making a break for freedom, but who can blame it when she's wearing this Anthony Vaccarello monstrosity.

Kristen Stewart.
Hey Kristen? You know you lead this really privileged and fortunate life? Well...could you tell your face please?
Also burn this bin bag style, Balenciaga fashion disaster and those strange bandage shoes, ta.

Rachel Zoe.
So let me get this straight...this woman TELLS other people how to DRESS? I suppose it's not as ridiculous as if she was telling people what to eat....

Emma Stone.
My 4 year old niece called, she'd like her Barbie's dress back.
But judging by Emma's facial expression she's just caught sight of herself in a mirror, and it won't take her long to return this poofy Lanvin number anyway.

Who was your best, and worst dressed of the night? Let me know below!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I agree with your worst dressed, especially Anja Rubik, that protruding hip bone is quite disturbing xx

  2. I love Carey Mulligan, Florence Welch and Rooney Mara. Poor Anja Rubik! What is with that hip bone and to think Kristen Stewart was just named Glamour Magazine's best dressed!

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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