eBay Haul! OPI, H&M, Revlon & More!

Oops! I did it again!
I just can't stop buying stuff, it's an actual illness, you know all those hoarding programmes that seem to be on UK television at the moment? I'm like those people...ok maybe not quite as bad, but i'm getting there! 
I'm pretty much addicted to eBay at the moment, i go through fads with eBay, loving it and then ignoring it, but at the moment, as you can tell, i'm loving it!

 *bursts into song* isn't it lovelyyyy, isn't it wonder-fullll!
This is Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Strawberry.
I'm SMITTEN with this lipgloss, it's so pretty, anything with sparkles/shimmer is going to be an instant hit with me anyway, but the colour of this is justtttttt beautiful! It's a lovely blue-toned pink, makes your teeth look so white, and is opaque enough to wear on it's own as well as over lipstick, WIN!
I bought this for significantly cheaper than in Boots or Superdrug, £4.50 with free P&P, from the seller kissandmakeup12311, who also sells loads of other makeup items for lower than in the shops too :) eBay is the way forward for cosmetics!

I had a bit of a whim purchase of these two dvds! 
I loved Supernatural when it was on UK tv originally, and not just because the two guys in it are super duper hot (even though they most definitely are!), but the storyline is really intriguing, basically Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki, on the left) grew up hunting all things supernatural, but left that life behind to go to law school. That is until his estranged brother Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles, the shmexyyy guy on the right) turns up and tells him that their father has disappeared, so off they go to find him!
They encounter allsorts of supernatural beings along the way and it's really fun, slightly scary and a really gripping series! I only bought series 1-volume 1 basically because it was super cheap! haha.
It was £1.89 (I KNOW RIGHT?!) from a seller called estocks.
I don't know much about Lipstick Jungle, but i've heard great things about it! Apparently it's like Sex And The City, and that's all i need to know! 
The complete first series was 89p with £1.11 P&P, amaaaazing! unfortunately they're now sold out, but you can find it for pretty cheap anywhere on eBay :).

The reason this is just a standard google images picture is because i forgot to take a picture of it and i'm too lazy to get out of bed and take one, doh! 
But this is a Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Chiller in Orange Burst!
I've tried this before ages ago and wanted it ever since but only just got round to buying it, and it's great! A little bit sticky, but not much really, smells so orangey-gorgeous and leaves a really nice, sheer orange tint to your lips :)
I got it from starbeautyproducts for £1.99 with 60p shipping.

I saw this really pretty kabuki brush on Katie from THIS.IS.WHAT.I.DO's favourites, and i just haaad to have it! i've needed a new blush brush for ages anyway, and as this was only £4.99 with £1.99 shipping, which is pretty cheap for such a super-duper soft kabuki brush, i thought i'd be silly not to! 
The bristles are SO dense, which means it picks up loads of product and makes putting on blush or bronzer a doddle, although it isn't this pretty pink colour anymore, it's all dirty :( 
This is from the seller bolanle1.

Usually the dresses i watch on eBay go for more than i'd like to pay for what is essentially a second hand dress, but this one was only £4!
It's originally from Primark, it's a dark rust coloured shirt dress with white piping down the front as you can see! It reminds me of a sailors outfit bizarrely haha but in a good way!

Hello there! here's me with a Twister lolly, but that isn't what i'm hauling here (although they are pretty immense lollies!), it's the dress! This lovely mustard H&M shirt dress, and it looks like it has little black polka dots, but they're actually tiny little hearts! Which makes it even cuter :) Although it does gape slightly at the boob area so i've put on a white vest underneath it too, but mine are a pretty decent size, so if you're less than a D cup i don't think it would do this on you!
This was only £2.20!

 A Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade number 12 (GIVE THEM NAMES KATE, a saddo like me appreciates a product name), i've been in loveee with these lipsticks lately, i've acquired three in quick succession, oops! the formula is super creamy and it really lasts!
The shade above is such a zingy red-coral, i'm in love with it!
This is £3.98 from the seller ownbeautyltd, so a lot cheaper than in the shops.

Aaaand lastly, a little mini OPI Nail Envy! I just bought this tiny one for £2.95 because i wanted to trial it and i've used it tons and still have half of the bottle left! so i'm glad i did!
I like this as a base coat, it makes my nail feel a lot stronger when it's on, but when i don't have it on it hasn't had any effect on my nails really, it hasn't improved the condition any, but then again i haven't been using it in the way it suggests, i just put two coats on and then put nail varnish on top because i can't bear to not have my nails painted, so i'm probably not the best one to judge.
This was £2.95 with 60p shipping from beauty-supplies-online.

And that's that! Thank you if you're still with me, but i don't blame you if you gave up on this post halfway through, i DO ramble! :)
Have you got any eBay bargains you think i'd like? Please leave them below :)
Hope you've had a great weekend!

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  1. That yellow dress looks beaut on you & I'm in love with the coral lipstick!! X

    1. Thank you :D
      I'm in love with every coral lipstick, just like Pokemon i want to catch them all!!

  2. I love Ebay hauls. The majority of my clothes and makeup purchases over the last couple of months have been bought from there! xo

    1. It's deffo the place to be at the moment, so many bargain buys!

  3. Nice ebay hauls.. but need to beware of price

  4. i heard amazing stuff about Nail Envy..do need to try that thing out!

    1. I'm personally not enamoured by it i'm not using it properly to be fair to OPI!

  5. Oh how cute and vintage do you look in that picture! xxx


    1. Haha! aww thank you, vintage was what i was going for! :D

  6. You got some lovely things love the colour of the Revlon Colourburst lipgloss!



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