A Boots Points Haul!

Good evening to you all!
Thought i'd do this quick haul while i'm waiting for Hollyoaks to come on, although i've got a wait of over two hours so i might have to find something else to occupy my time too haha.
This is a haul that is not technically a haul, because it was all free! Boots points, i love you <3

First the boring ''necessity'' product, my usual 17 eyebrow pencil, i love this pencil and literally couldn't LIVE without a eyebrow pencil now, how did i cope before i discovered them?! and why did no-one tell me how poop i looked?!? 
This is £2.99 from Boots, i also love the handy little brush on the end, they have a very limited shade selection though, basically blonde, mid brown (this one) and dark brown.

This is the 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick, basically a dupe of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick:
They're pretty similar except the Bobbi Brown one has one extra coppery coloured strip in it, and also the Bobbi Brown is £30.50 and the 17 version is a mere £4.99! I personally love the 17 shimmer brick, i'm obsessed with shimmer on my face at the moment so this is the perfect product for me! I'm so looking forward to when Summer properly hits and i can wear this everyday :D Come on sunshineee, i'm willing you on! 

The last thing i got with my points was this Barry M lipstick in shade 147.
I used to own this until one ill-fated night when i took it on a night out with me and my (drunk) friend borrowed it and promptly snapped the whole bullet off haha! 
It's such a gorgeous peach colour, although a bit drying if you have dry lips like i do so i just pop some peachy gloss over the top :)
This is almost a perfect dupe for Illamasqua lipstick in Obey, except over a tenner cheaper! Barry M lipstick is £4.49.

Hope you enjoyed this, what do you spend your Boots points on? i think every shop should do a points card! If Primark or H&M had one then i'd be raking the points in!
Ciao for now!

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  1. I love boots points:) Did you know about Treat street? You can shop online and gain advantage card points at the same time and there is hundreds of different shops ie: today i got a top and trousers on New Look.com and gained £5 advantage points for it being my first order through Boots treat street and 3 points per pound i spent :) Definately worth checking out hunni xx

  2. Great bits hun!!!! Must check out this Treat Street too :))xxx

  3. the lipstick is a gorgeous shade!wanna go and check it in store !x

  4. I love collecting boots points :) The 17 shimmer brick looks like a fab dupe! Xx

  5. I'm always in Boots and the points are great for a treat, especially when payday looks far off. The Barry M lipstick looks lovely here, will have to investigate it.

  6. Boots points are the best! I'm saving mine up for St.Tropez! xxx


  7. I just love that peach shade! Looks gorgeous. xo


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