Kleancolor ''Techno High'' Nail Varnish - Review!

Hello my pretties!
I decided to do a review on these lovely nail varnishes i won from Cara Robinson's blog quite a while ago, because i've only just got round to testing them out (you know you've got too many nail varnishes when that happens...)
Firstly i'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, but i pinched a nerve in my right wrist and haven't been able to type or text or even move my right arm for a little while! Luckily it's getting better now and i'm back to being a bbm-a-holic!! 
Onto the review!

How prettyyyy eh?! They're a collection of 6 mini metallics and they're very hard to track down in the UK but you can get them from this seller on eBay for just over a tenner altogether.

These are the colours from left to right:

Not very imaginative names! but as you can see, super pretty colours with shedloads of shimmer shot through them.
Now for the best part, swatchessss!
With flash:

Without flash:
This is with one, yes ONE, coat, the opacity is second to none! I use these nail varnishes when i'm in a hurry to go out and need to paint my nails really quickly, because they're touch dry in about a minute, but don't compromise on the colour! Of course, if i had plenty of time i would do 2 coats, just to even it out and make the shimmer even more intense!
I'd be really interested to try more Kleancolor nail varnishes to see if it's just this collection or if all of them have such intense pigmentation.
I can't really comment on wear time because i change my nail varnish so often they don't usually get a chance to chip, but i've worn Metallic Yellow for 2 days and it didn't chip, and i had Metallic Pink on my toes for 4 days without any chippage, so that's pretty decent! 
I can't recommend these nail varnishes enough, i really can't, big thank you to Cara for introducing to me to them!!

SO happy it's finally Friday, does anyone else start the countdown to the weekend on Monday morning like i do?!
Laters alligators!!

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  1. ooh the blue and pink look gorgeous! :)

  2. You're welcome!
    They are really pretty, I love the brown and green one! :)


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