Primark, H&M, Superdrug, etc. Haul!

Hello there beauty belles!! 
It's been a very busy week for me which is why i've been a bit AWOL recently! I went to see Westlife on Friday night, which was amaaazing! I love those guys and i'll miss them loads now they've split up :( i think i might still be in mourning! and it was my best friends 21st on Saturday so 10 of us headed out on the town in Leeds, what a night! It was brilliant, and just ever so slightly messy ;) haha.
Anyway, somewhere in between all that i've managed to do some shopping, well you can always fit that in can't you!

I ordered this nail varnish when it was £2 on Asos, it's Mushroom from Barry M and i've wanted this for ages so i thought i'd snap it up while it was discounted! And they sent me a sample of ths new Hawaiian Tropic sun cream too, which is handy for my handbag!

These are my favourite hairsprays and they were 2 for £2.99 in Superdrug, enough said!!

I picked up one of these scrunchy, exfoliaty things from Wilkinsons for about 60p, i love them because they're great for scrubbing my tan off when it goes a bit patchy.

 I'm sure you're sick of the sight of this dress by now but it's such a summer basic i just had to pick it up in white as well (i've already got it in black and green). It's a pretty thin fabric so always wear light coloured knickers underneath it, which i don't happen to have done in the picture above!! haha.
This was £6 from Primark, now all i need is some sun to wear it!

I also got a white bra to wear with it because all mine had gone grey in the wash so i threw them away! I got this in a DD, and it was still too small!! My boobs are nowhere near that big so it must be the bra sizes that run small, so beware if you ever buy a Primark bra! This was a fiver.

Some nail files, because i've tried more expensive ones and the cheap ones seem exactly the same to me! These were about 75p from Wilkinsons.

This gorgeous jade ring from Primark i bought because i thought it would look good with the white dress i featured before :) Excuse my messy tan on my fingers by the way, i've since sorted it out ;) haha, this ring was £2.50.

 I picked up this lipgloss from H&M from a little bin that was near the till (don't you just hate to love those stands near the till, too tempting!!) and i wasn't expecting much from them but i'm so pleasantly surprised!! This is the glitteriest lipgloss i've ever seen, it smells like watermelon and gives the lips such a nice pink sheen, plus they were only £2.99 each! This doesn't have a name so i decided to christen it myself, i've called it Glitter In The Air, because that's a Pink song, and this lipgloss is pink, and glittery, see what i did there?!

 I also picked the same lipgloss up in this beautiful colour, it reminds me so much of Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Crystal Water, except a lot cheaper! It gives such a intense glittery look to any lipstick, or just on bare lips, and doesn't feel at all gritty, i'd definitely recommend looking out for these when you're next in H&M :) I christened this one Tinseltown, for obvious reasons!

And lastly i finally picked up one of these MUA Out There plumping lip glosses, in Peach Shimmer, and i understand all the hype! I don't know about the plumping aspect of this product but to be honest i don't need my lips plumping anyway! This is just a great, opaque lipgloss in such a pretty colour, i love it so much that i bought another one as one of my best friends birthday presents, and she adores it too! This was £1.50 i think!

Thanks for reading, i've been doing quite a lot of shopping recently so there'll probably be some more hauls coming! And if you'd like to request any other posts then please do so in the comments below :D 
Catch you later!

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  1. Your white dress is super pretty,
    its always the basic things that look so pretty :)

    1. Aww thank you! yeah it'll be perfect for holidays and also if the sun ever comes out in the UK! haha

  2. love this haul! Such a pretty dress :) xx

  3. I am in love with my MUA lipgloss, it's the best ever think mine is shocking pink but I want to collect them all!



  4. Hi

    I am hosting a 50-follower giveaway.. Do come in..


  5. ooo I've been so tempted by that MUA plumping gloss for a while now, think I might just go for it! xxx

    1. You definitely should! It's so pretty, and you can buy a coral too i think which i know you love ;)

  6. Love the ring! I've got that MUA gloss as well and really like it. Its much more opaque than I thought it would be. x

    1. Definitely! It's almost like a liquid lipstick, love it :)


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